Player Cards can get a little confusing, especially for new players. Here’s a complete guide to help explain what player cards are and how you can get them.

The International (TI) hype is booming and Dota 2 fans have been blessed with a FREE compendium. Along with many other features, Valve has also introduced Player Cards. Now, not everyone is familiar with these Player Cards and we are here to explain all that you need to know!

What are Dota 2 Player Cards?

Every player participating in The International 10 will have their own Player Card. This card displays the player’s picture, their team name and logo and their in-game tag. The card also lists information such as the player’s role and their in-game stats in the pentagon form.

Bronze Player Card
Bronze Player Card

What are the different types of Player Cards and card packs?

There are three types of Player Cards; bronze, silver and gold. Clearly, the value and rarity of the card escalate from bronze to gold. There are more chances for you to get bronze cards rather than silver and more chances of getting silver than gold. Silver and gold cards also display more information. While bronze cards only showcase players’ role and stats pentagon, silver cards give an extra three pieces of information and gold cards give away five in total. The type of info given is also random which might include camps stacked, kills, stuns, creep score and many more.

There are also two types of card packs users can earn. The Basic Pack contains five player cards which are random and guarantees at least one silver or gold card. The Team Pack, on the other hand, allows you to choose any of the TI10 teams and users will receive a pack with at least one member of the chosen team. The best card in the pack will be a member of the chosen team, however, the other four Player Cards will be random. Getting a Team Pack will also cost users $0.50 USD.

Users can purchase Team Packs for $0.50 USD.
Users can purchase Team Packs for $0.50 USD.

How to earn Dota 2 Player Cards?

Initially, all users are given 10 free Basic Packs. Users that are members of the supporters club will receive additional card packs, depending on their supporter level. The specific number of packs according to the respective tiers are as follows,

  • Bronze Tier - x1 Basic Pack x1 Team Pack.
  • Silver Tier - x6 Basic Pack x2 Team Pack (for a total of 7 basic and 3 team packs).
  • Gold Tier - x7 Basic Pack x3 Team Pack (for a total of 14 basic and 6 team packs).

However, supporter club members for teams that did not qualify to TI10 will instead receive all Basic Packs.

And great news! Supporter club bundles have been discounted by 50% with the launch of the Compendium, which should nudge users to get those extra card packs they need.

If users win their first game of the day, they will also be awarded one Basic Pack. 

Users can also use their Dust (a currency gained by recycling cards) to craft a Basic Pack or craft a specific card. Crafting a Basic Pack costs 15 Dust and gives users the normal, five random stack. Crafting a specific card, on the other hand, allows users to choose a player from one of the TI10 teams to get their Player Card at the cost of 30 Dust.

Users can use Dust to craft more Player Cards.
Users can use Dust to craft more Player Cards.

How to recycle Dota 2 Player Cards?

Users have the option to recycle Player Cards that they own and doing so will earn them Dust. For every single card pack opened, there is a possibility that users receive duplicates of Player Cards. These duplicates can also be recycled to earn users more Dust. The number of Dust users will receive according to the type of card is as follows;

  • Bronze - x1 Dust.
  • Silver - x2 Dust.
  • Gold - x5 Dust.

You can recycle cards individually by pressing on specific Player Cards and there is also an option to recycle all duplicate cards in one go.

How to use Dota 2 Player Cards

Just like previous iterations, these Player Cards will be used to form a Fantasy draft. The details for Fantasy Dota will be revealed later when it kicks off on 30th September.

Stay tuned to for the latest Dota 2 news and updates.