Valve Drops 7.28C Bombshell Mid-DPC cover image

Valve Drops 7.28C Bombshell Mid-DPC

Valve’s 7.28c Gameplay update brought some much-needed changes, but the timing could have been better.

As Dota 2 teams all over the world get ready to play their final DPC Season 1 games, Valve has dropped the 7.28c gameplay patch update. The new update brings some much-needed hero nerfs, but the timing of the balance update has raised quite a few eyebrows.

What’s New in the 7.28c Update?

Valve has nerfed fourteen heroes with the latest update, including some big nerfs to heroes like Earthshaker, Morphling and Riki.

Batrider players were able to farm big ancient stacks within the fifteen-minute mark. Sticky Napalm now deals 50% damage to creeps and this small change will significantly alter Batrider’s pick-rate. The hero had become extremely popular in the past few weeks, although that might soon change after 7.28c.

Nyx Assassin’s popularity took a nosedive after the 7.28c update. Screengrab via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow"></a>.
Nyx Assassin’s popularity took a nosedive after the 7.28c update. Screengrab via

Nyx Assassin’s Vendetta no longer applies break. The ultimate’s cooldown has also been increased rendering a massive blow to the hero that had seen a surge in pick and win-rates.

TNC Predator used the Morphling - Earthshaker combo to control BOOM esports’ Troll Warlord in a DPC group stage match. The combination of Fissure and Totems made it impossible for BOOM esports to take down the radiant racks. Fissure shard aftershock replication now stuns for half the duration. Morph has also received several nerfs rendering this combination of abilities less effective.

Another hero that received a much-needed nerf was the invisible Riki. With the right talent and items, Riki would be invulnerable and could single-handedly turn games around. The hero’s Tricks of the Trade could theoretically go on an infinite loop with an Aghanim’s Shard, Octarine Core and other items. Dota 2 players can read the entire patch notes here.

Community figures React to Valve’s Timing

The update comes at a time when all six regions are heading into their final week of the Dota Pro Circuit. The top few teams from each region qualify to the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021, which itself might act as a stepping stone towards the International. 

The update includes some significant changes and is bound to alter the drafts of the remaining games in the DPC. Ideally, players would have preferred for Valve to wait till the end of the DPC matches to release this patch.

The Dota Pro Circuit is entering its final week of play and the top teams from each of the six regions will receive a direct invite to the Dota 2 Major Playoffs. The second-best teams will qualify to the group stage of the Major. The ONE Esports Singapore 2021 Major kicks off on March 27. 

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