Missed the first week of Tour 3 DPC? Catch up on the Dota 2 action here as we list down the biggest wins and upsets in the first week of Summer Tour.

The third and final Tour of Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023 is warming up as the first week concludes. Some teams have taken a strong lead and some have lost games and landed at a disadvantage. If you missed the Tour 3 DPC Week 1, fret not, we have compiled a quick recap for you to catch up.

Western Europe DPC: Quest Esports impresses, OG crashes

Western Europe is ever so competitive but Gaimin Gladiators and Tundra Esports remain in immaculate form. The back-to-back Major champions and TI11 champions have yet to suffer a series loss and sits comfortably on top of the standings in Tour 3 DPC Week 1. Quest Esports, former Ooredoo Thunders, has also been impressive so far - nearly grabbing a win against GG and grabbing two series wins.

On the other hand, OG and Team Secret have suffered the most in the opening week. OG crashed to the bottom place, after two rough losses. Their performance loss could potentially be due to Taiga's absence, who's taking the first week of DPC away because of private issues. Team Secret had a decent showing, but it wasn't enough to win both their series against GG and Team Liquid.

Eastern European DPC: 9 Pandas zooms ahead, Spirit yet to start

EEU has been a one-man show as 9Pandas takes over the limelight. Following an exhilarating run at the Berlin Major, 9Pandas begins their first week in EEU DPC with a 3-0 scoreline. Not only that, their last series was a full-on disrespect against One Move - as 9Pandas' Antares built a ridiculous carry build on Skywrath Mage. This still earned 9Pandas a game victory, showing their monstrous confidence.

BetBoom Team follows 9Pandas in second place with a 2-0 undefeated score. On the other hand, TI10 champions Team Spirit has yet to play a single series. The squad will play their first match against UALEIK on May 23, 2023.

China DPC: A LAN tournament and SumaiL's debut!

China DPC has absolutely stolen the show in the first week of Tour 3. Perfect World went above and beyond to create a LAN environment where teams compete in front of a thrilling live crowd. This is even more impressive during a time of WEU DPC's remote broadcast and SA DPC's devastating caster strike.

On top of the LAN DPC, fans also get to see exciting lineups in this Tour - particularly SumaiL's debut with Team Aster and Somnus' return in Azure Ray. So far, Team Aster have dominated their games and Emperor Xu Mail became the talk of the town in Tour 3 DPC Week 1.

Azure Ray also delivered an impressive performance, scoring two wins, including one against the former regional champion, Xtreme Gaming. However, they did suffer a series loss at the hands of a powerful Team Aster. PSG.LGD also showcased a solid performance in the first week, securing two wins, and is still undefeated.

Southeast Asia DPC: Twists and turns

SEA is more chaotic than ever and it's only been the first week!

The most surprising part of the first week is Bleed Esports' dominant performance. Bleed Esports quite easily took down their biggest challenges in SEA DPC in the early phase of Tour 3. Not only did they win against Execration and Team SMG, they also just pulled an upset after defeating Talon Esports - all three being Berlin Major participants.

Southeast Asia Tour 3 also sees the return of BOOM Esports to Division I. However the renowned organization did not have a good start after losing a series against Blacklist International. But they managed to even out the loss with a win against XERXIA to stand in the middle of the standings.

North American DPC: Shopify Rebellion takes an early vacation

North America has always been a little laid back but it seems like Shopify Rebellion is already taking a vacation after the very first game day. Shopify clashed against TSM on the first day and grabbed a convincing win. This marks SR's first win against their NA nemesis this season.

With that victory, members of SR settled and got comfortable. SaberLight posted on Twitter "see you all in Bali" after defeating TSM. To this, nouns' Gunnar replied with a question mark.

Arteezy, on the other hand, began streaming continuously, stating "after beating TSM, we are done. Not trying anymore," though he quickly added that this statement was a joke. He then also said that he wouldn't stream if SR had lost against TSM.

South American DPC: Another day of familiar dominance

The South American region sees a similar pattern of dominance from both beastcoast and Evil Geniuses. The two teams who constantly perform in LAN events also never miss during the regional leagues. So far, beastcoast and EG both hold a 3-0 scoreline and sit on top of the standings. Both these powerhouses - equally friends and foes - will play against each other at the end of the league.

Despite the growing region, a devastating situation broke out for the broadcast talent of South America. In a Tweet by Muriëlle "Kips" Huisman, she revealed that SA EN casters are on strike due to bottom-tier pay by BTS BR. You can find more details and breakdown of the story under Kips' thread.

Esports.gg also sat with Kips for an interview regarding the matter. You can read it below.

That's all for the recap of Tour 3 DPC Week 1! Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Dota 2 news and updates!