After SumaiL delivered a powerful debut in CN DPC, he revealed his desire to play against Somnus who had just returned from hiatus.

Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan is on a roll after a spectacular debut in Tour 3 DPC with Team Aster. The team played their first series with a fresh roster and convincingly swept their opponents clean. Following the strong entrance, SumaiL revealed who he's looking forward to playing against in the midlane. And it's none other than the legendary midlaner, Lu "Somnus" Yao - who just made his return from a long hiatus.

(Lacoste: Who are you excited to go up against in the China DPC?) It has to be Maybe (Somnus). We have a long history. I think we are playing each other for nine years now. And laning stage is always fun against him because he never really fell off his laning.

SumaiL during the post-match interview in Tour 3 CN DPC

The Dota 2 universe indeed can't wait for this epic showdown as SumaiL and Somnus will face off as soon as tomorrow! Somnus is currently playing with the newly-formed team, Azure Ray, alongside familiar faces and teammates, Yang "Chalice" Shenyi and Xu "fy" Linsen. Team Aster will clash against Azure Ray on May 21st, 2023, 03:00 PM SGT.

SumaiL on how he joined Team Aster

During the post-match interview, SumaiL also revealed how he and Team Aster got together.

According to the star player, there have been talks of him playing with a Chinese team since two years ago. During the pandemic, specifically prior to TI10, SumaiL considered joining Team Aster, but he stood in for Team Liquid and ended up playing for OG.

There were talks during COVID, before TI10, to potentially join them. But I stood in for Liquid and then OG popped up. So it didn't happen back then. But there was this talk for 2 years ago.

The opportunity to finally play with Team Aster surfaced during the Berlin Major. At this time, SumaiL and Nigma Galaxy were just relegated to Division II. Meanwhile, Team Aster who had qualified for Berlin Major, just parted ways with its midlaner, Xwy.

The two merged forces and things went great for Team Aster. They had chemistry and performed beyond expectations, settling at a promising top 8. This prompted SumaiL and Team Aster to officially work together.

Then standing in at the (Berlin) Major, we kinda clicked actually. I didn't expect it, I mean obviously expected that it's not going to be awful.. you know people overestimate this language stuff, but the chemistry was actually insanely good, so we just decided 'why not continue?'.

More Team Aster games ahead

Team Aster is looking deadly with a strong start to Tour 3. There will be plenty more games from this star-studded roster. Take a look at Team Aster's upcoming matches in CN DPC and their specific time.

  • May 21 - Team Aster vs Azure Ray | 03:00 PM SGT
  • May 23 - Team Aster vs Team Bright | 03:00 PM SGT
  • May 25 - Team Aster vs Aster.Aries | 12:00 PM SGT
  • May 28 - Team Aster vs Xtreme Gaming | 18:00 PM SGT

You can watch the English broadcast for China DPC on PGL's Twitch account.

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