From the highest GPM to most wards placed, here are ten interesting records that have been set at the Stockholm Major Group Stage!

The first Valve Dota 2 Major of the year is currently ongoing featuring the top teams of the world. Throughout the immense Dota 2 action, some records have been set by players and we are here to present the unexplored stats. While the Playoffs have just kickstarted, let's walk through some of the fun facts from the Stockholm Major Group Stage.

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TA Pakazs dominates the Stockholm Major Group Stage records

Thunder Awaken is absolutely smashing it at the Stockholm Major right now, but one player in its lineup is captivating the entire community. Carry player Pakazs looks monstrous in every single game and it's especially impressive for it's his first-ever Valve Major event. His amazing performance sets multiple records throughout the Major so far.

Pakazs currently holds the highest average kills with 10.38 score and lowest deaths rate with 2.15.

Not only does he excel in the KDA department, Pakazs is also a beast at his farming game. In the tiebreaker match against TSM, Thunder Awaken picked an Alchemist for the young carry player. Although Alchemist is rather unconventional in this patch, Pakazs absolutely dominated the game, surfing high on the net worth chart. His Alchemist currently holds the highest record for GPM at the Stockholm Major, with a 1,020 score.

Take a look at the insane net worth difference by the late game!

Pakazs Alchemist holds the highest GPM record at Stockholm Major so far
Pakazs Alchemist holds the highest GPM record at Stockholm Major so far

Fnatic Armel has the highest hero kill record

In Group B, SEA's #1 team met against North America's newest powerhouse, TSM. The draft brought out a first-pick Keeper of the Light mid, which is one of Fnatic's favorite go-to picks this season. Little that they know, this first-pick KOTL on Fnatic would reign supreme throughout this entire match.

Armel has been playing a lot of KOTL, in fact, the most in the last 25 games. In this match against TSM, Armel's KOTL scored 25 kills, the most kills so far in the Stockholm Major. He even earned a beastly Rampage in one lengthy teamfight.

Not only that, but Armel's KOTL has actually surpassed the most kills EVER on the hero in professional play. This could be because prior to this KOTL mid-trend, the hero was mainly played as a support. Now that we are seeing more KOTL in the midlane, Armel officially takes the crown for KOTL's kill record!

In the Stockholm Major Group Stage, Armel's KOTL managed to break an all-time record for KOTL.
In the Stockholm Major Group Stage, Armel's KOTL managed to break an all-time record for KOTL.

OG Yuragi and T1 Gabbi are the KDA kings of Stockholm Major's Group Stage

On the first day of Stockholm Major's Group Stage, we already witnessed some heavy stomping. This time around, the youngbloods on OG met against the winners of Gamers Galaxy Invitational, BOOM Esports. The SEA representatives managed to take a clean game off OG in the first match, however, OG bounced back even stronger.

OG as a whole was having a good time throughout the game, but Yuragi's Spectre was amassing a ton of Kills and Assists. With 0 deaths on Spectre, Yuragi holds the record for the highest KDA with a total score of 40.

Yuragi's Spectre KDA. Source: STRATZ
Yuragi's Spectre KDA. Source: STRATZ

However, if we are to take the player with the highest KDA with at least 1 death, T1.Gabbi takes the crown. In Game 2 against beastcoast, Gabbi's Batrider accumulated a KDA of 11/1/30. In total, his KDA score is 41, just an inch above Yuragi's Spectre.

Gabbi's Batrider KDA. Source: STRATZ
Gabbi's Batrider KDA. Source: STRATZ

All hail Liquid MATUMBAMAN's formidable Wraith King

One of the craziest matches of Stockholm Major Group Stage took place between Team Liquid and Thunder Awaken. What people expected to see as a stomp for Liquid, turned out quite the exact opposite. After Thunder Awaken miraculously found a way to bounce back and delivered an insane comeback, they took the whole series off of Liquid's hands.

However, despite TA securing the victory, MATUMBAMAN had a set of impressive records on his Wraith King in Game 1. His Wraith King took 64,181 total damage from heroes, the most at the Stockholm Major so far.

Not only that, but MATUMBAMAN's Wraith King also holds the highest building damage with 23,740 damage in total.

T1 Whitemon is one crazy warding machine

We love talking about the big numbers when it comes to kills and damage and GPM. But we all know those would not come without the foundation of great support. In a match between beastcoast and T1, one support player stood out from the rest. Whitemon had planted the highest number of observer wards and sentries at the Stockholm Major so far.

With 22 observers and 47 sentries placed, Whitemon surely strived to give his team the best possible vision. Nevertheless, the game fell into beastcoast's hands.

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