All the details of the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022. Updated schedule and results here.

Get ready for some insane Dota 2 action! Today is finally the day Stockholm Major 2022 begins.

Following tons of grueling challenges like the first Major getting canceled and the EEU DPC being tangled in a mess, the light at the end of the tunnel is here. The ESL One Stockholm Major commences, bringing the birth of a live crowd once again.

This LAN event can be excitingly overwhelming so here are Stockholm Major’s details. Let us also walk you through all the upcoming matches and where to watch them. We’ll also regularly update the results so you’re able to catch up if you missed any of the series.

What is the prize pool for Stockholm Major?

As it normally is for Valve Dota 2 Majors, the prize pool of the Stockholm Major is $500,000 USD. The winner of the tournament will bag a massive amount of $200,000 USD! The bottom placers from 9th to 14th will not bring home any prize money.

The prize pool distribution is as follows:

  • 1st: $200K
  • 2nd: $100K
  • 3rd: $75K
  • 4th: $50K
  • 5th – 6th: $25K
  • 7th – 8th: $12.5K
  • 9th – 14th: No prize money

What is the format for Stockholm Major?

Due to the Chinese teams’ absence from the 2022 Stockholm Major, only 14 teams are participating. The tournament begins with the Group Stage, the Playoffs, and finally, the Main Event.

Group Stage [May 12th to 15th]:

  • Two groups of 7 teams each
  • All matches are BO2
  • The top four teams from each group proceed to the Upper Bracket Playoffs
  • The 5th and 6th teams from each group proceed to the Lower Bracket Playoffs
  • All bottom teams from each group gets eliminated

Playoffs [May 16th to 22nd]:

  • Double-elimination bracket
  • All matches except for Grand Finals are BO3
  • Grand Finals is BO5

Schedule and results for Stockholm Major 2022

The Group Stage will be insanely compact with multiple series going on at the same time. All these simultaneous games will be covered on separate broadcasts.

Stockholm Major 2022 Group Stage Schedule and Results [🔴Live]

May 12

Stream AStream BStream C
[18:00 UTC]EG vs Tundra [0-2]OG vs bc [2-0]BOOM vs BB Team [1-1]Group A
[20:30 UTC]OG vs BOOM [1-1]EG vs T1 [0-2]bc vs BB Team [1-1]Group A
[23:20 UTC]Liquid vs TA [0-2]Fnatic vs Spirit [0-2]TSM vs GG [1-1]Group B
[1:40 UTC]Spirit vs GG [0-2]Fnatic vs TSM [2-0]TA vs MG [W-FF]Group B

May 13

Stream AStream BStream C
[18:00 UTC]OG vs T1 [0-2]Tundra vs BB Team [1-1]BOOM vs bc [1-1]Group A
[20:30 UTC]EG vs BOOM [1-1]OG vs Tundra [0-2]T1 vs bc [1-1]Group A
[23:20 UTC]Liquid vs Fnatic [1-1]Spirit vs TSM [1-1]MG vs GG [0-2]Group B
[1:40 UTC]Liquid vs GG [2-0]Spirit vs TA [2-0]MG vs TSM [0-2]Group B

May 14

Stream AStream BStream C
[18:00 UTC]EG vs BB Team [0-2]BOOM vs T1 [1-1]bc vs Tundra [0-2]Group A
[20:30 UTC]EG vs OG [0-2]BOOM vs Tundra [0-2]T1 vs BB Team [0-2]Group A
[23:20 UTC]Fnatic vs TA [1-1]Liquid vs TSM [0-2]Spirit vs MG [2-0]Group B
[1:40 UTC]Liquid vs Spirit [2-0]Fnatic vs MG [2-0]TA vs GG [1-1]Group B

May 15

Stream AStream BStream C
[18:00 UTC]T1 vs Tundra [0-2]EG vs bc [1-1]OG vs BB Team [2-0]Group A
[20:50 UTC]Fnatic vs GG [0-2]Liquid vs MG [2-0]TA vs TSM [1-1]Group B

Stockholm Major Group Stage Standings [UPDATED]

RankGroup A [FINAL]ScoreW-LGroup BScoreW-L
1Tundra Esports5-1-011-1Gaimin Gladiators3-2-18-4
2OG3-1-27-5Team Liquid3-1-27-5
3BetBoom Team2-3-17-5Team Spirit3-1-27-5
4T12-2-26-6Thunder Awaken2-3-17-5
5BOOM Esports0-5-15-7TSM2-3-17-5
7Evil Geniuses0-2-42-10Mind Games [REMOVED]0-0-60-12

Stockholm Major 2022 Playoffs Schedule

Where to Watch

You can catch all the live action on these Twitch channels:

For more content from ESL, you can also find them here:

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