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The Winter Tour’s Supporters Club Bundles are out! cover image

The Winter Tour’s Supporters Club Bundles are out!


Contribute to your favorite teams AND flaunt unique perks in Dota 2 with the new Winter Tour Supporters Club Bundles!

Dota 2's Supporters Club Bundles for the 22/23 Winter Tour are finally here! Fans can purchase these bundles to show support to their favorite teams in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) and flex unique badges, chat wheels, and more in-game. Find out more about the Supporters Club Bundles below!

Supporters Club Bundles overview

As per usual, every DPC Tour sees Supporters Club Bundles released by teams in Division I and Division II of the DPC. Players can purchase these bundles to earn special perks that they can flaunt in Dota 2. On top of earning the perks, they can also directly support the organizations and players as 50% of each bundle purchase goes to the supported team.
This edition of the Supporters Club Bundles will expire on March 11, 2023, which is at the end of the 2023 Winter Tour.

What is in the Supporters Club Bundles?

The bundle (depending on each team's content submission) offers team badges, unique loading screens, sprays, emoticons, and chat wheels that players can use in the game. Bundles also provide 'player card packs' that players can use in the Dota 2 Fantasy. These perks increase depending on the tier purchased. There are Bronze Tier, Silver Tier, and Gold Tier - all of which offer increasing perks for a higher cost.
For the US, the prices for each tier are $1.99 / $9.98 / $19.97. Note that prices for Supporters Club Bundles depend on respective countries as Valve had implemented regional pricing. So to be sure, check the prices stated in your game client!

Bronze Tier ($1.99)

  • A badge of the supported team
  • x1 Team Fantasy Player Pack
  • x1 Basic Fantasy Player Pack

Silver Tier ($9.98)

  • All the perks from Bronze Tier
  • Sprays
  • Loading screens
  • +2 Team Player Card Packs (3 total)
  • +6 Basic Player Card Packs (7 total)

Gold Tier ($19.97)

  • All the perks from Bronze Tier and Silver Tier
  • Special in-game HP -bar badge
  • Emoticons
  • Chat Wheel Lines
  • +3 Team Player Card Packs (6 total)
  • +7 Basic Player Card Packs (14 total)

More bundles to come

You might have noticed that some of the teams are missing from the DPC Supporters Club list. Like previous seasons, there were late entries and this could be due to late content submission or that some content hasn't been approved by Valve. Over the next few days or even weeks, the Supporters Club pool will gradually complete. So far, there are 86/96 Supporter Club Bundles for teams in the DPC.
Stay tuned to for more Dota 2 news and updates!
Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee
Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee
Editor | Twitter @kayzeesarah
Born and grew up in Malaysia, but a citizen of the world. High-key addicted to everything Dota 2. Spams support heroes but Ancient Apparition is an all-time favorite (a 100% Ice Blast accuracy). Only PMA during the day.