Status resistance now no longer interacts with slows.

The 7.34 Dota 2 patch introduced a new mechanic - slow resistance. As the name suggests, this new mechanic partially counters the impact of slows on your hero. Here’s how it works as well as all the Slow Resistance items in Dota 2.

What is Slow Resistance?

While stuns and disables play the most important role in Dota 2 team fights, one cannot ignore the impact of slows. It can be quite frustrating for players who are trying to reach their target but are unable to do so due to multiple slows impacting their movement speed. 

Heroes such as Venomancer, Queen of Pain, and even Undying can drastically slow your movement speed. This, in turn, has a role to play in reducing your impact in Dota 2 team fights. 

As of Patch 7.34, Valve has introduced a new mechanic called the Slow Resistance. The Slow resistance “ reduces the impact of slows on your hero by a percentage.” At the same time, Status resistance no longer affects the impact of slows. 

Which items grant Slow Resistance in Dota 2?

Ascetic's Cap has a 40% value when the defbuff is applied. .
Ascetic's Cap has a 40% value when the defbuff is applied. .
  • Armlet of Mordiggian - 35%
  • Vindicator’s Axe - 20%
  • Ascetic’s Cap - 40%

In addition to these items, certain hero abilities also provide slow resistance. Here are the 

Gyrocopter - Rocket Barrage

Rocket Barrage is a great ability in the early game. But in the latter stage of the game, it's utility drastically falls off. Now with the new update, Gyrocopter can use Rocket Barrage to reduce the impact of enemy slows. Gyrocopter gains 20/30/40/50% resistance from slows for the duration of the ability.

IO - Shard

IO’s Aghanim’s Shard now grants 30% slow resistance. This is important because IO shares stats with teammates through Tether. So IO might be a good pick in certain drafts based on the opponent’s choices. 

Sven - God’s Strength

You can finally use God’s Strength to run. Sven’s ultimate, God’s Strength grants him 30/35/40% slow resistance for the duration. 

Tiny -  Grow

Now also provides 15/30/45% slow resistance

Ursa - Overpower

Ursa’s ultimate ability - Overpower also grants him Slow resistance as part of the 7.34 Dota 2 update. 

This resistance scales as per the ability's level - 10/15/20/25%

Warlock’s Golem gains 60% slow resistance

And finally, Warlock’s Golem has slow resistance. While this does not impact the hero, the players will find it difficult to slow down the Golem. With a 60% slow resistance, slows on the Golem are largely ineffective. 

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