The TI10 regional qualifier predictions are live and each correct predictions rewards users with 1000 shards. Here are our predictions ahead of the qualifiers

Valve opened predictions for The International 10 regional qualifiers yesterday. Each correct prediction rewards Dota 2 players with 1000 Shards in-game. But the euphoria of completing a correct prediction is a reward in itself. The TI10 regional qualifiers kick off on June 23 and continue till July 10. Each region is extremely competitive with some of the biggest names in Dota 2 taking part in these qualifiers. If you have not been following the Dota 2 esports scene, here are our qualifier predictions to help you choose the most likely option. 

TI10 Regional qualifier predictions

North America

Our pick: Undying

Team Undying placed third behind EG and Quincy Crew in both seasons of the DPC. Image Credit: Team Undying.

Undying and 4Zoomers have been the third and fourth-best teams in North America for the last two seasons. The competition is between these two teams for the single spot for NA at TI10. 

We are taking Undying to win the North American regional qualifiers. The team has been very innovative with its drafts, bringing out heroes like Storm Spirit and Enigma. This roster has momentum on its side with alarming consistency. 

South America

Our pick: NoPing esports

NoPing Esports. Image Credit: WePlay.

The South American regional qualifiers should see NoPing emerge victorious. With Thunder Predator and Beastcoast already qualified for TI10, NoPing is the strongest team in the region. NoPing was the only team that could defeat Beastcoast in DPC Season 1 and has been one of the most consistent teams in the South American region. 


Our pick: Elephant

Despite being a strong team, Elephant is yet to attend a Dota 2 major. Image Credit: Elephant.

Twice denied, but Elephant will step up when it matters the most. The star-studded team has been unable to qualify for either of the Dota 2 Majors. However, this does not speak for the players’ skill or ability. It is just a testimony to the intense competition in China. After all, both Dota 2 Majors of this season saw Chinese teams emerge victorious. 

Elephant has the skill and the firepower to dominate the others in the regional qualifiers. Without the likes of Vici Gaming, Aster, PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming, Elephant’s road is relatively easy. Also, Dota 2 fans want to watch the likes of Eurus, Somnus, Fy in action on LAN. 

Southeast Asia

Our pick: TNC Predator

TNC Predator is one of the most popular teams from SEA. Image Credit: TNC twitter.

Southeast Asia is going to be the most competitive region in all the qualifiers. The difference between teams in this region is so small, every team stands a decent chance to make it to TI10. 

The DPC Season 2 saw multiple teams vying for a slot at the WePlay Animajor. It wasn’t until the last day that T1 secured its spot in the Animajor playoffs. With some of the top teams from Southeast Asia taking part in the regional qualifiers, Dota 2 fans can expect some exciting gameplay. In true Southeast Asian fashion, the teams adopt a very aggressive and early-game focused gameplay. The foot is never off the pedal and the games are a kill-fiesta. 

TNC Predator has been one of the teams that consistently performs well on the international stage. The players have a lot of experience playing against the best in the scene. In true SEA fashion, the team has the early-game strength and is extremely aggressive right from the laning phase. However, as one of the most experienced teams in SEA, TNC Predator can also pull off some late-game scenarios with ease. 


Our pick: OG

OG recently added SumaiL to its roster. Image Credit: OG.

The European regional qualifiers could be a Dota 2 tournament in itself. Featuring the likes of Team Liquid, OG and Nigma, these qualifiers will be a treat to watch. However, some of the other teams in the qualifiers are also capable of causing quite an upset. Tundra Esports, and the stream team – Team Bald reborn will also fancy their chances at this tournament. 

If I had to choose one team to win it all, it has to be between OG and Nigma. Both teams have made important roster changes recently. OG brought back SumaiL to the active roster after Ana retired. The new OG looks very strong although they still have to polish a few edges. Nigma dominated the WePlay Animajor. Even though they did not reach the grand finals, the team looked extremely competent and was setting the meta in the early parts of the Major. However, Nigma bombed out of the ESL One Summer losing two straight series. This is why we are choosing OG to be the EU winner in our qualifier predictions.


Our pick: Team Spirit

Virtus.Pro dominated the CIS region in each season of DPC 2021. The team was undefeated in the regular season but bombed out of both the Majors. Team Spirit posed a real challenge to in Season 2. The team took down every other opponent except Virtus.Pro to end the season with a 6-1 score. However, Team Spirit bombed out of the Major with a 0-5-2 score.

Team Spirit went 6-1 in DPC season 2. Image Credit: WePlay.

The level of Dota 2 in the CIS region does not seem to be the same as that of some other regions. Virtus.Pro’s dominance in the CIS regular season had raised hopes for their performance at the Major. But they bombed out, similar to the next best team from CIS, Team Spirit.

Team Spirit should still be favored to win the TI10 regional qualifiers. The team will face stiff competition from the likes of AS Monaco Gambit and maybe Natus Vincere. Gambit has had a few roster changes recently, but so far the team looked good at the WePlay Animajor. However, Team Spirit has been consistent while Gambit’s performance has been very shaky.

The predictions close in a few days and we hope this list of qualifier predictions will assist you in making your choice. Every correct qualifier predictions rewards users with 1000 shards.

Stay tuned to for the latest Dota 2 news and updates. 

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