China’s juggernaut, PSG.LGD, will miss the $1 million DreamLeague Season 19 of ESL Pro Tour due to VISA issues.

ESL Pro Tour's DreamLeague Season 19 will miss a Chinese powerhouse from its grand competition. PSG.LGD revealed that the team can't make it to Europe and will miss the tournament. But they reassured fans that they will begin to bootcamp in Europe soon to prepare for the Berlin Major.

UPDATE: Nigma Galaxy will fill in for PSG.LGD. It is also hinted that the team will compete in this tournament with a new player.

PSG.LGD posted on the Chinese social media site, Weibo, to disclose their current situation. "Unfortunately, due to visa issues, PSG.LGD team cannot participate in the (ESL DreamLeague Season 19) event as planned. In the future, we will go to (Europe) for training and strive to achieve good results in the Berlin Major."

PSG.LGD's absence in the $1 million DreamLeague tournament would be a disappointment not only to fans but also to participating teams. The team has just secured a Berlin Major slot after a 2nd-place finish in China Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) and a high-tier tournament before the Major would be a great warm-up opportunity. However, PSG.LGD will have to sit out of this event due to the inevitable VISA issues. Their Chinese counterpart, Team Aster, on the other hand seemingly have no problems and have likely arrived in Europe.

Update: Nigma Galaxy selected as replacement team

ESL announced that Nigma Galaxy will replace PSG.LGD for the upcoming DreamLeague Season 19. ESL broke down how they decided on the replacement here.

On ESL's website, it is stated that "Nigma will be playing with a roster different to the one registered for the DPC". This hints that Nigma Galaxy will compete in DreamLeague Season 19 with new players. Some speculate that SumaiL is taking a break in this period and Miracle- will step in. Only time will tell.

ESL Pro Tour's DreamLeague Season 19 begins tomorrow

On March 13th, ESL FACEIT announced its own pro circuit, ESL Pro Tour, and unveiled a series of DreamLeague tournaments that would take place across 2023. The first iteration is DreamLeague Season 19 and this tournament fields a very strong lineup from all competitive regions. This includes TI champions, Team Spirit and Tundra Esports, as well as, regional kings, beastcoast and Talon Esports. This event, which many consider a mini-Major will begin on April 9th, 2023.

The tournament will be in an online setting, but teams will relocate to Europe to compete on one server. This has caused some typical VISA issues that have hit Abed from Shopify Rebellion and now PSG.LGD as a team.

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