PSG.LGD claims the trophy at the Gamers8 Riyadh Masters after a convincing 2-0 victory against Team Spirit. The team brings home a hefty $1.5 million USD prize money.

In one of the most abrupt yet biggest tournaments of the year, PSG.LGD comes out from the shadows and takes the crown. After almost a year of their international absence, they came to Riyadh Masters to defeat their nemesis, Team Spirit. The Chinese giants will be bringing home a massive $1.5 million USD with this triumph. Team Spirit, on the other hand, secures themselves a hefty $750K USD in 2nd place.

PSG.LGD's victory is not at all a surprise as they came into the tournament as the biggest favorites. They are the most consistent team in history and teams have always eyed them as the biggest force to defeat. Even though Riyadh Masters is their first international LAN event since October last year, they came with the same dominant form we have all been familiar with. After lifting the trophy, PSG.LGD had a short segment with host Darren "KillerPigeon" Elmy on stage. Interestingly, Zhang "y`" Yiping stated that the team is hoping for another event in Saudi Arabia, possibly the Major or The International itself.

The translator said, "This is a great tournament, the Riyadh Masters. And we are hoping that- maybe we are looking forward that one day Riyadh or Saudi Arabia is going to hold the next Major of Dota 2. Perhaps The International, let's see."

Game recap: Team Spirit has no answer to PSG.LGD

The first game saw LGD drafting the Lone Druid for Ame, a pick they have been favoring in this tournament. Team Spirit, on the other hand, goes for the Luna carry and a powerful Marci + Viper offlane duo. The laning phase was really great for Spirit, especially for the two sidelanes. Mipohska Skywrath Mage dealt a heavy magic burst that constantly pressured the enemy. Collapse's Viper also kept punishing the LD, killing it a couple of times.

But PSG.LGD swiftly recovered as they grouped together and engaged in fights. They had a y' Winter Wyvern which used his Winter's Curse brilliantly throughout the game. Team Spirit couldn’t find any solution to the strong lineup and while they were buying time, towers were falling down. They tapped out in only 34 minutes.

The next game was a similar scenario. Spirit excelled throughout the laning phase with the Viper and Marci duo once again punishing the enemy. TORONTOTOKYO even secured a solo kill on the NothingToSay Pangolier to get a significant advantage.

But once again, all LGD needed to do was group up and it is over for Spirit. They had great teamfight potential and if Spirit refused to engage, they would continue pressuring towers with the Faith_bian Nature's Prophet. After Ame Alchemist farmed up his Radiance, he moved with the team to secure a quick triple kill. It went downhill for Spirit afterwards and PSG.LGD takes the win convincingly.

What's next?

The Gamers8 Riyadh Masters is done and dusted but more Dota 2 action lives on. There will be tons of upcoming events that fans can tune in to, most excitingly the Arlington Major and the ESL One Malaysia. The biggest and most important Major this year will be held in the United States and it is coming on August 4th. Meanwhile, the ESL One Malaysia begins on August 22nd and it will host a number of renowned teams.

Stick around for updates on all of these upcoming Dota 2 events!