Patch 7.32 brings a new Scepter upgrade to the Centaur Warrunner. Take a look at the ‘Hitch a Ride’ ability and some entertaining clips from the Dota 2 community!

Last night, Patch 7.32 dropped in the Dota 2 client, unfolding a large number of changes to heroes, items, creeps, and more. But one hero, Centaur Warrunner took the spotlight of this patch. The tanky centaur received an interesting Scepter rework called 'Hitch a Ride' and everyone is insanely amused!

Centaur Warrunner's Aghanim's Scepter in Patch 7.32

Centaur Warrunner's Scepter Upgrade, the 'Hitch a Ride' ability allows Centaur to toss an ally onto the cart hitched behind him. While on the cart, the ally can cast and attack normally. However, they can't move independently. They are immune to targeted attacks but are vulnerable to non-targeted spells.

More details regarding 'Hitch a Ride':

  • Increases the attack range of hitched melee heroes by 200.
  • Mana Cost: 75.
  • Cooldown: 60s.
  • Duration: 8s.
  • Cast Range: 300

The 'Hitch a Ride' ability can also be used while Centaur Warrunner uses its ultimate, Stampede.

Apart from that, 'Hitch a Ride' is a reliable spell for saving allies. It displaces a hero from its initial position into the cart, which means it works similarly to Pudge's Hook or Marci's Dispose. Here is how Centaur Warrunner can save his ally from a Chronosphere using the 'Hitch a Ride' ability.

Reddit users share their experience with 'Hitch a Ride'

There are endless combinations with this ability that are exciting to see. There is a possible cart wars if an enemy Rubick manages to steal the spell. Users on Reddit are also sharing their experience with 'Hitch a Ride'.

User Yurix_54 posted a cool combo between Centaur Warrunner's new Scepter and Crystal Maiden's ultimate.

Another user Enr1que_ shared what happens if you combine 'Hitch a Ride' with Snapfire's Gobble Up. It results in a bug and it is pretty hilarious.

An insane use of 'Hitch a Ride' can be seen on user reeydota2's post. The video shows Centaur Warrunner carrying Enigma on his cart and bringing him to the center of teamfight. Enigma was able to channel the Black Hole and still be carried away from the casting point by Centaur's 'Hitch a Ride'.

The new patch is still fresh and the Dota 2 community has barely unpacked the changes. We might see unexpected outcomes, loopholes, bugs, and more in the future. Patch 7.32 also dropped in the midst of ESL One Malaysia's Group Stage, so we might see teams pick up the Centaur Warrunner soon!

You can check out the full Patch 7.32 notes here.

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