Offerings to the lord of death. Muerta Ofrenda shines light to stories of how our heroes dance and commemorate the dead.

With Lima Major out of its way, we now look forward to the new, highly-anticipated 7.33 patch. More importantly, we are all dying to welcome the newest hero, Muerta.

Although she is not out yet, Valve has been teasing her release. After a recent minor patch, you can now partake in a mini game where you get to dig for clues that relate to her. Once dug up, you can obtain an "offering" known as "Beloved Memory." This offering comes in a form of a letter. A letter written by one of our beloved heroes, for the dead, known as an ofrenda.

What are the Muerta Ofrenda?

Ofrenda is Spanish for offering — an offering that is traditionally placed on an altar for the South American celebration of the dead Día de Muertos. Traditionally, an ofrenda is comprised of three tiers, each holding a specific meaning (top: an invitation for the dead, second: food and items to welcome the invited dead, third: a washbasin for the invited dead to clean refreshes oneself upon entering the altar).

In the case of Dota, however, the ofrenda comes in the form of a letter. A letter written by one of the heroes addressed to the dead; be it a family member, a foe or just a generic individual. According to Reddit user shaileshgarg25, there are 25 known letters. We've listed them all below and their in-universe connections!

All Muerta Letters/Muerta Ofrenda

Bristleback: Be waiting for you at the pub, bub

The first letter has greenish goo splattered all over it. Based on that, it is likely a letter by Bristleback. It reads, "They keep a stool empty for ya at the Sundered Moon." This seems to be his way of addressing an unnamed friend that he will be waiting to drink with at the Sundered Moon tavern.

Crystal Maiden: I miss you, mom

Covered in ice and snow, this letter is written by Crystal Maiden. In her letter to a mother who she yearns for, Rylai wrote, "Miss you, mom. I'll try to get through to that fiery... sis." The latter indicates the ice princess' intent to appease her polar opposite sister, Lina.

Lina: I still haven't barbecued my sister

Like her sister, Lina too has a letter. This one, however, is addressed to their father and reads, "Rest easy, pops. And I haven't scorched her yet. Another thing you were wrong about." Turns out, Lina has a soft spot for Crystal Maiden who she claims as a menace of a sister.

Death Prophet: Why can't I stay dead?

This letter is certainly written by Death Prophet judging by the mixed colors of green and purple. There are also images of bats on the envelope which appear on her Crypt Swarm. "I only ask to join you. No one will answer my prayers." is what she wrote. Krobelus has always sought death and eternal rest, something that she can never get. This letter appears to be her longing.

Drow Ranger: A letter for lost parents

Pierced by frost arrows, this is a letter by Drow Ranger which reads, "All I can say is... least you didn't live to see me like this." Traxex clearly sends a message to her dead parents, who were killed when their caravan was attacked by bandits. Now the Drow Ranger stalks the same forests where the caravan was attacked...

Grimstroke: Haunted forevermore

A gushing crimson red stroke of fate signifies a letter by Grimstroke. His letter reads, "We haunt the world, Yaovhi... I wish you still walked at my side." Yaovhi was an Ashkavorian woman and Grimstroke's lover. She was transformed into a revenant after Grimstroke's failed ascension ritual. Yaovhi continues to haunt the world along Grimstroke in a form of the Phantom's Embrace.

Gyrocopter: Till death clips my wings

"I'll keep flying till the reaper makes me turn in my wings." The war veteran and lord of the skies, Aurel the Gyrocopter shall not be grounded until the day he dies. That is why he wrote a letter that is likely for the afterlife declaring that he will never stop flying until the day he's shot down from the sky.

Juggernaut: Devoted to the sword dance

Juggernaut wrote in his letter, "I may be the last of us... but you were the best." As the sole survivor of the Faceless Ones, Yurnero forges on and will ensure that his clan's rites have a place in the future. The "you" here might just be the katana which he devotes to wield and practice the traditions of the sword.

Legion Commander: Spoken like a true carry

This letter is rather more aggressive than heartfelt compared to the previous ones. Written by Legion Commander, it reads, "I told you not to charge the shield wall, dummy. See you in hell." In her letter, Tresdin reprimands what appears to be a fallen soldier from her Bronze Legion. Most likely during the war against the abyssal horde wherein her army was felled.

Magnus: A prideful combatant

A letter likely by Magnus based on the horn tusk amulet tied around the envelope. It becomes more evident when the letter reads, "By my horn, I hope I make you proud." This seems to be his final words before the magnoceros charged in to eliminate those responsible for his kins' death. Is he with the ones who remain or did he reunite with the fallen?

Medusa: I'd rather have power than beauty

Half petrified and wrapped within her slithering scales, Medusa's letter reads, "I go now to free my sisters. Watch over us from the other side." The youngest of the three Gorgon siblings, Medusa traded her beauty away to acquire otherworldly powers to rescue her kidnapped sisters.

Necrophos: Herald of the pandemic

Shrouded in a mist of disease, Necrophos wrote in his letter, "They don't understand what I do. That this pestilence is needed." Known as the Pope of Pestilence, Rotund'jere the Necrophos carries the plague with him and seeks to spread his sickness to the world like a demented crusade.

Ogre Magi: Sticks and stones can make me feel alone

How can anyone not adore the lovable Ogre Magi who wields the Hand of Midas and is greedy for gold? Covered in gold ingots, Ogre Magi's letter reads, "We really miss you, Bunbun. Sorry again about the hug." Perhaps a dark reference to an Of Mice and Men-like situation!

Pangolier: The mentor's musket

In his elegantly designed letter, Donté Panlin the Pangolier wrote, "The world could use you, Etienne. More than ever before." Etienne Swiftguard was Pangolier's mentor who died in a duel against the tyrannical king, Sylak. Etienne was the one who gave the Pangolier a musket before his inevitable death.

Phantom Assassin: Love or death?

A letter stabbed by a dagger belonging to none other than the Phantom Assassin. Mortred's letter reads, "I wish I'd known your love. And nothing of a Sister's life..." The life of the Sisters of the Veil is a cruel one where assassination is the norm. However, it seems that Mortred would rather yearn for love than death.

Pudge: Still got your ol' cleaver

In what appears to be a blood-stained letter, Pudge the butcher wrote, "Miss ya, mate. Still got your ol' cleaver." The very cleaver he uses to dismember and disembowel his victims likely came from a friend who is no longer with him.

Rubick: A grand magus with lust for murder

For a being of high intellect, one might not expect Rubick the Grand Magus to have a twisted taste for blood. Many have made attempts on his life. All are dead. This made him realize how petty his assassins were, making him desire for more. To kill a Magus. In his letter he wrote, "Death claims you in some dimensions... I wish you dead in all."

Silencer: Silence is not so golden after all

Marked with his iconic symbol of global silence, Nortrom the Silencer wrote a letter that reads, "This wasn't the kind of silence I wanted. Come back to me." In the soundless lull, Silencer apparently regrets the very thing he embodies and hopes for the return of a lost one.

Slark: Sorry that I killed ya

A bubbly looking letter marked with daggers wielded by Slark the Nightcrawler. A creature of the sea and fugitive of the Dark Reef Prison wrote a letter to his slained victim, "Sorry that I killed ya. Just how it goes in the Reef." indicating that it's not personal.

Snapfire: What would life be without a loved one?

Say it isn't so. Is Mortimer dead? Likely not, but one of Snapfire's family. Within the envelope marked with Mortimer's kisses is a letter written by the jolly granny, Beatrix Snapfire. It reads, "You were dumber'n a Durana, but I sure do miss yer laugh." Durana is a wild animal that Snapfire often comes across with.

Sniper: One shot wonder

Within an envelope sealed with what appears to be a bullseye is a letter by Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper, which reads, "Well, ganker... At least now I'm the crack shot." Perhaps a message to an enemy, or a former ally?

Techies: Spoon goes boom

A letter that looks blasted with shrapnel must have come from the mischievous hands of the Techies trio Squee, Spleen and Spoon. It reads, "See ya, Spoony. Beautiful thing to die demolishing what you love." It must have been Squee and Spleen's letter to Spoony who they stuffed inside a bomb barrel before tossing him like a C4.

Timbersaw: Mass deforestation

In his mission to exterminate the nature that claimed his hometown in Augury Bay, Rizzrack the Timbersaw, consumed in his fear of trees, went berserk. And within his saw-suit he cleaved through anything that has a branch. In his letter he wrote, "I've killed so. many. trees. But they keep growing more!"

Treant Protector: A sapling it couldn't protect

Though not of many words, the sentient titanic Rooftrellen the Treant Protector sprouted words onto a letter sealed with the deep roots of its fauna. It reads, "Poor... little... sapling... You... could... have... been... a... mighty... oak." expressing empathy to a dead flora from its sacred lands that it failed to protect.

Wraith King: He who can never die

Last but not least, a letter by a king. The Wraith King. In his goal to ensuring his monarchy's absolute rule, King Ostarion successfully obtained immortality by infusing with the Wraith Essence. In a letter, he mockingly boasts his victory exclaiming, "See? Told you I'd never die. No matter how many peasants it takes."

So what do all these letters and ofrenda for Muerta stand for?

We already know that Muerta is associated with Santa Muerte, the Lady of Holy Death based on Mexican folklore. The fact that Muerta's letters are offerings or ofrenda meant to be laid on an altar — likely Muerta's altar — possibly suggests that Muerta is another God type hero that will join the ranks of Dota. So far, we already have Zeus the God of Thunder and Mars the God of War. With Muera, we will soon have the God of Death descending upon us; or at least a Grim Reaper.

Stay tune to to be the first person to learn Muerta's abilities and stay up-to-date on the upcoming patch.