Muerta has been revealed! A teaser at TI11 has revealed the next Dota 2 champion, a ghostly figure named Muerta.

The next Dota 2 hero has been revealed as Muerta takes to the battlefield. Revealed in a teaser video at The International 2022, Muerta, a spectral figure walking through the spirit veil. Muerta, the Mournful Revenant releases early next year.

Yet, other than this brief teaser, little is known about the next hero for Dota 2.

What is Muerta, The Mournful Revenant?

In mythology, revenants are the spirits of dead warriors. A re-animated corpse sent to get revenge on those who’ve wronged them in life. With origins in Nordic, and European folklore, the revenant is often interchangeable with ghost, or spirit in some stories. 

Perhaps Muerta is a spirit of a long dead warrior? Or perhaps she controls and re-animates the dead to fulfill her grim purpose?

What are Muerta’s abilities in Dota 2?

Muerta’s current abilities are unknown. But the hero appears to be wielding a firearm. Some are still holding out hope that this is the long awaited Puppet Master hero, given HoN’s recent shutdown, and the hero’s voice lines hidden in the game.

However, it’s also likely that Muerta will be the a unique new hero, as was the case with Primal Beast, Marci, and Dawnbreaker.

When will Muerta release for Dota 2?

Muerta is currently scheduled to release early in 2023. But in avalve time, that could be anytime between January and summer 2023. Ideally, we’ll see Muerta in the game before the second DPC tour, and in Captains Draft a few months later.

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