A Muerta mini-game is here to tease the arrival of the Mournful Revenant.

Valve has sneaked an update to tease the upcoming Dota 2 hero, Muerta. The update added random items, mainly Forebearer's Fortune, and a Muerta statue. All this seems to be a part of a mini-game, though it requires some sort of team coordination and it can be pretty difficult to pull off.

Before we get into the mini-game, let's unravel the update. From the database, there is a bunch of Muerta-related stuff added to the game including voicelines, models, and guns. There are also Ofrenda cards that seem to hint at an upcoming in-game event. Some theorized that the event will be called "The Reckoning".

Now let's take a look at the easter eggs that you can currently find in the game. We'll also show you how to play the mini-game (as far as we know).

A mysterious Forebearer's Fortune appears in Dota 2

Dota 2 players have noticed a new item in the shop called Forebearer's Fortune. The item's icon glowed among the rest and it has a 0 gold cost. The item is also limited to five in a team.

Forebearer's Fortune - Muerta mini-game
Forebearer's Fortune - Muerta mini-game

Forebearer's Fortune has an active ability called Undying Promise. The description states that if you use this ability before "the fight begins", the dead might be willing to listen. This should mean that players need to activate this item before the horn of the game blows.

Signal to the spirits of the other realm your commitment to honoring them. If everyone in the battle makes an Undying Promise before the fight begins, the dead might be willing to listen.

Forebearer's fortune item description

We have tested it out and confirmed that the item will vanish from the shop once the game starts. The item's 'lore' also mentioned, "This item seems unstable. Like it might just disappear."

To activate the item, you must click on the Forebearer's Fortune and press anywhere on the ground. Once the item is activated, you will see a prompt that states, " [yourname] pledged to honor the dead!" But that's not all.

Muerta mini-game wants you to dig for clues

If all the players on your team pledge to honor the dead (activate the Forebearer's Fortune), everyone will get a Scrying Shovel (with Trusty Shovel's icon) in their inventory. However, some say that all 10 players in the game need to activate the item.

Once it is done, a special Shovel appears in your inventory and you have to start digging. Dig anywhere on the map and you'll see a prompt that will direct you to either north, south, east, or west. Follow the clue and move in the direction it states. Dig again until you finally find the spot and you'll receive an "offering" in your inventory.

Send offerings to Muerta's shrine

As you can see in the video above, the player searches for the offering and brought it to Muerta's shrine or statue. The Muerta shrine is located on the left side of the map, right in between the Radiant and Dire (as far as we can see in the video). Submit your offering to the statue and the prompt will state, "The Revenant accepted Radiant's offerings and granted a powerful gift!".

UPDATE: We discovered that you must submit all offerings on the map (likely to be five in total) for you to receive the "powerful gift".

Mercy & Grace - one of Muerta's abilities?

You'll then get "one of Muerta's guns" in your inventory. This gun is called Mercy & Grace. This seems more like an actual in-game item or ability that suits Muerta's theme. It has an active ability called "Dead Shot". It shows a 160 mana charge and a 10 seconds cooldown.

Mercy & Grace item - Muerta mini-game
Mercy & Grace item - Muerta mini-game

The ability description reads, "Fires a ghostly bullet at an enemy unit or tree. When the bullet strikes it will deal 300 damage and slow the target by 100% for 0.5 seconds, then ricochet in the vector-targeted direction. The ricochet will damage all units that it passes through, stopping when it hits a hero. Heroes hit by the ricochet will be feared for 2 seconds in the direction of the shot."

The lore states, "One to deliver the body, the other to claim the soul." This addresses the two names, Mercy and Grace. This also indirectly confirms that Muerta has two guns and is a dual-wielder. This item has a 100% bonus cast range and a 100% spell amplification. It also applies a 70% "health penalty" which means you'll lose 70% of your HP once you use it.

UPDATE: This user dug all five offerings to receive the gun. They then demonstrated how Mercy & Grace works. The bullet has a green ambient which makes it look like a wraith-like bullet. You can fire one shot and it'll go through enemy units, damaging all. It will bounce at a certain angle that you directed. You can see how Muerta's gun, Mercy & Grace, works in the video below, at minute 3:40.

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