What are Lotus Pools and how to use them?

The big and juicy Patch 7.33 delivered myriad of changes including new infrastructures. One of the additions on the map is Lotus Pools and this structure has an interesting function. Read below to find out more about Lotus Pools and how to use them.

Lotus Pools generate consumable sustains

Lotus Pools are located on each edge of the map and both sides (Radiant and Dire) have vision over both Lotus Pools. They stand near the safelane-offlane meeting point and are quite large non-destructible structures. The Lotus Pools will periodically generate fruits (that look like Lotuses). These fruits are consumables that can give HP and Mana which are good sustains during the laning stage. These fruits can be combined to produce stronger products.

A Lotus Pool in Dota 2 - new structure in Patch 7.33
A Lotus Pool in Dota 2 - new structure in Patch 7.33

How to use Lotus Pools

Every three minutes, each Lotus Pool spawns a Healing Lotus. The Healing Lotus grants 125 HP and 125 Mana when consumed. Collecting the Lotuses can be a great way to save money as you don't need to purchase your own sustains such as Healing Salve and Mangoes.

However, there is a short 2 second channeling time to collect all Lotuses in the pool. So if your enemies want to contest the Lotuses, they can interrupt during the channeling duration.

A Healing Lotus spawns every three minutes.
A Healing Lotus spawns every three minutes.

There can be up to six Lotuses in the pool at a time. Stacking the Healing Lotuses in your inventory can get you upgraded Lotuses with better sustain.

  • x3 Healing Lotus = Great Healing Lotus - Replenish 400 HP and Mana
  • x2 Great Healing Lotus = Greater Healing Lotus - Replenish 900 HP and Mana

The Block of Cheese

The Greater Healing Lotuses also combine, this time into the Block of Cheese. We've got a full article on The Block of Cheese, but the short of it is this: Combine three Greater Healing Lotuses with the Cheese from Roshan to create the Block of Cheese.

More changes in Patch 7.33

Aside from the interesting Lotus Pools, there are also other major gameplay changes and additions in the latest update. There are massive map changes, a new attribute, Roshan's location, MMR system, and MORE! Check out more coverage for Patch 7.33 on esports.gg!