Here are all the mind-blowing map changes including new infrastructures and runes that have been introduced in Patch 7.33.

It. is. here. The humongous Dota 2 update, Patch 7.33, is finally out to quench the thirst of Dota 2 fans. This patch contains an incredible list of changes affecting even the foundation of the game, but probably the biggest and most requested changes of all.. map changes. Dota 2's map has been expanded on all four edges and is now 40% bigger than it was before. The map also now contains additional buildings of sorts. Let's go through all the map changes in the New Frontier's Update.

Patch 7.33 - All map changes

Valve dropped a clip alongside the New Frontier's Update to reveal the expansion of Dota 2's map. But the map hasn't only expanded. Roshan has two pits, outposts have been relocated, and we now have multiple other buildings.

This is the Patch 7.33 map of Dota 2.

The overview of Dota 2's new map in Patch 7.33.
The overview of Dota 2's new map in Patch 7.33.
The overview of Dota 2's new map in Patch 7.33 (with labels).
The overview of Dota 2's new map in Patch 7.33 (with labels).

Two Roshan pits

Roshan now has two homes - one on the Radiant side (bottom right) and one on the Dire side (top left). Roshan resides at the Radiant side during the day and will walk (yes, physically walk into a portal) to the Dire side when it turns to nighttime. Roshan's current location will be highlighted on the minimap.

Twin Gates

Patch 7.33's map changes also introduce portals! The Twin Gates consist of two gates, one on the bottom right of Radiant and the other on the top left of Dire. These two gates connect and allow you to relocate from one corner of the map to the other. And interestingly, the gates are just next to both of the Roshan pits!

Lotus Pools

Lotus Pools are located near the meeting point of safelane and offlane. There are two Lotus Pools on both side. They periodically spawn fruit and when consumed, grants mana and HP.

Players can stack this fruit and combine it into larger, higher-value fruit in the late game. The larger fruits can also be combined to become incredibly large fruit. You can combine the incredibly large fruit together to get a stronger product.


There are two Tormentors - one located in the left Radiant jungle and the other in the right Dire jungle.

Valve describes Tormentors as "powerful neutral creeps" likely because it is killable, tanky, and they give valuable drops. Tormentors appear after 20 minutes and they have plenty of Aghanim Shards to offer. But to kill these Tormentors will be difficult because it reflects most damage and it grows stronger after each kill.


Watchers do exactly what they are called. They watch. There are eight Watchers - four on Radiant's side and another four on Dire's side.

Watchers begin inactive and neutral, but once activated, it grants vision over its area for 7 minutes. But your enemies can sabotage it or temporarily disable it. When a team kills Roshan, all Watchers will turn to their side.. and that's a LOT of vision advantage.

Defender's Gate

Each side has their own Defender's Gate. It is a small, sneaky back door that lets you access your base and the enemy cannot go through it.

New runes

There are two new rune additions and one of them can be found at a different location. The Wisdom Rune provides bonus XP and it is located near each base. This allows for teams that are stuck in their side of the map to still earn some XP. Shield Runes is a part of the river power runes which grants you 50% of your map HP as a barrier.

Four Outposts near Roshan

There are now four outposts - which work the same way as before - scattered across the map. Two Outposts on Dire's side and two more on Radiant's side. The Outposts are near each other and are also near the Roshan pits.

Twelve new creep camps

With the map expanding, there are now more places to farm creeps. In Patch 7.33, Dota 2 has twelve additional creep camps scattered on the map including one right next to the safelane area.

Creep camp near the safelane tier 1 tower.
Creep camp near the safelane tier 1 tower.

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