Delicious magical cheese enhanced with lotus magic, the Block of Cheese is only obtainable by the most dedicated Dota 2 players.

In Dota 2 patch 7.33, a rare mystical item was added to the game, The Block of Cheese. One of the most hard to obtain items in the game, it needs dedication, patience, look, and usually for your team to be winning to obtain. But how exactly do you get the Block of Cheese in Dota 2? We have all the answers below.

How to make the Block of Cheese in Dota 2

The Block of Cheese is created by combining three Greater Healing Lotuses with Roshan’s Cheese.

The first step is to collect three Healing Lotus… Lotuses? Lotusi? Anyway, collect three of them from the Lotus Pools. We have a full guide on that as well.

Next combine them to create the Great Healing Lotus. Try to resist eating the delicious Healing Lotuses while you do this. Next you’ll want to do this one more time, to have two Great Healing Lotuses. Combine them to create a Greater Healing Lotus. And next, repeat that step two more times until you have three Greater Healing Lotuses. 

Now, for the final step, obtain some Cheese. Cheese after killing Roshan for the second time. This was a change added in Patch 7.33, as before, Cheese dropped on the third death. Once you have the Cheese, combine it with the three Greater Healing Lotuses to create Dota 2's Block of Cheese item!

Here’s a simplified recipe:

  • 3 Healing Lotus = Great Healing Lotus
  • 2 Great Healing Lotus = Greater Healing Lotus
  • 3 Greater Healing Lotus + Cheese = Block of Cheese

What does a Block of Cheese do?

A Block of Cheese is a consumable item in Dota 2. By using its active, Scrumptious, you consume the Block of Cheese to grant yourself a 500 damage barrier or shield.

The 500 damage barrier is permanent and won’t disappear on death. It isn’t buffable, and doesn’t scale with Strength, Intelligence or Agility. It isn't affected Armor or Magic Resistance, so other defensive items won't affect it.

It regens at 100 Hit Points per sec and the regen is disabled for three seconds by enemy hero damage or fountain.

Still, it's a great buff for something so hard to get in Dota 2! And It’s a worthy reward for one of the hardest to obtain items in the game.

For more Dota 2 guides, which may or may not include extra cheese, stay with!