Aui and Cap are back in the second part of their OG vs Tundra series breakdown. Here, they tackle the steps Tundra took to claw themselves back from a bad spot.

It’s been almost three months since the now legendary OG vs Tundra match in the EU TI10 Qualifiers. It was the back-to-back champ’s last chance to make The International after missing both the majors. In true OG Cinderella story fashion, they would clutch it out in a five game fiesta of a series. With the pure amount of action going on in the games, it’s easy to miss all the things these world-class teams are doing that give them the edge. We already had TI-winner turned talent Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling break down some of the macro plays, with the help of Capitalist.

At long last, Part 2 of Aui’s analysis is here! If you missed Part 1, you can check out the video and some key takeaways here. While we’re now on Patch 7.30, the concepts that Aui goes over can be applied to every Dota game you play. Besides, who doesn’t love hearing him talk about Dota?

Of course, no one can explain Dota Theory quite like Aui, and we fully recommend watching the entire video. In this part, Aui’s analysis can be summed up to one general theme – the key aspects of a comeback.

Playing To Win Might Not Always Look Pretty

One of the issues Aui tackles early on is how to play from behind. In Game 1 of the series, OG had taken an early lead, and were up 8k gold by 20 minutes. While this is not insurmountable, OG knew exactly how to push their advantage and starve out Tundra.

In situations where it feels like your opponents are way ahead of your team, what can you do? In Tundra’s case, they decided to make a questionable jump onto Sebastian “Ceb” Debs’ Tidehunter.

As a spectator, this looks like a complete blunder from the side of Tundra. They had just lost a fight by making the exact same play, and having it fail abysmally. Still, Aui argues that the framework for their decision isn’t entirely incorrect.

While Tide is undoubtedly not the right target, as Cap puts it – desperation puts you in situations where you have to go for these fights. With the comeback mechanics inherent in Dota, it’s okay even if you fail. All you need is a single W, and it’ll pay bigger dividends.

Again, it comes down to the age old mentality of “playing to win”. If you sit in your base and hide, OG are never gonna come knocking until it’s ready to end the game. They can just buy a Gem of True Sight, and control the whole map.

As we know, Tundra’s moves eventually put OG in awkward positions, and they eventually claw the game back into their favor. Moral of the story? Don’t wait to lose – play for the W, no matter how painful the process may be.

Aui_2000 “Sometimes you make the wrong move in Dota, but that’s okay.”

As we see in the rest of the video, it takes a lot of botched attempts from Tundra before they finally find a good fight. In fact, OG make some mistakes of their own. However, that doesn’t limit either team from striking back. So what if you lose a hero? That doesn’t mean you should all cower and hide like sitting ducks!

Ultimately, what Aui is saying is simple. It’s always important to recognize the moves you can make to change the state of the game.

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