The DOTA 2 7.30 patch just dropped with a ton of new changes. We are going to break down the biggest hero changes from the new patch!

After several months of anticipation, the much awaited 7.30 patch has arrived. The changes feature item updates, item removal and hero changes. Among the countless changes, we have selected some of the biggest hero changes that can completely shift the meta.

The biggest Hero Changes in Patch 7.30


Our favorite angsty mage hater got quite the buff in the 7.30 patch. The main change is towards his blink ability. With Aghanim's Scepter, he now gets 3 charges of blink with a 25 second restore time. In addition, AM received a new shard rework which reduces magic damage by up to 30% when you are within 300 range of him. These two new reworks make Anti-Mage a pain to catch and a real magic user destroyer.


On the other side of things is Axe, who got quite the nerf. The main reason he was picked so much was due to his shard, and the versatility and damage that it provides. Now in the new patch, he has lost the ability to proc counter helix by attacking. Now, on each proc of counter helix, Axe applies a stacking debuff that reduces attack damage by 20%. This change is not the worst shard by far, however he will unfortunately lose his popularity as the shard is not nearly as good.


Next up is Bane. When most people read the patch notes, Bane kind of flew under the radar. But, the improved cast range on Brain Sap, the pure damage on Nightmare and improved cast point on Fiends Grip will make Bane a great position 5 that is slept on. This in addition to the small buffs that he has been receiving over the last couple patches can really make him a force to be reckoned with.

Bounty Hunter

Unfortunately, IceFrog doesn't like carry Bounty Hunter, and this is evident in the patch notes. The changes don't quite help him in terms of a carry position, however in terms of a roaming support Bounty Hunter's potential just skyrocketed with patch 7.30. He got improvements to shuriken toss in terms of cooldown and mana cost at the price of damage and cast range. However the kicker is that Track now provides a 2x damage multiplier to Shuriken Toss, which will make him a Shuriken tossing fiend in game.


I was truly hoping that I wouldn't have to see as many Broodmothers in my games, but Icefrog had different ideas. Although she did receive a nerf to her webs, in that Broodmother and her spiders move slower in her webs as the lower her HP is. But, the real problem is with her new scepter. This new ability is basically a trip wire that slows and roots dealing 100 dps for 4 seconds. Not only that, she gets a max of 5 charges that she can lay anywhere on the map and when it triggers, her allies are all alerted.


Another underrated change that came in the 7.30 patch was for Chen. The change was that his old Aghanim's Scepter upgrade became his new shard. Additionally, the new Aghanim’s scepter for Chen is a global strong dispel. This new global strong dispel can be huge especially if a teammate gets caught out.


The newest hero in Dota got some much needed buffs as well as some aghanim's upgrades. in the new patch, her Starbreaker ability doesn't get interrupted by roots and gets spell immunity with a shard. On top of that, her new Aghanim’s reduces channeling time, gives 60% evasion and increases the heal pulse. This can potentially make her a great new offlaner. As she can now globally show up to fights and has some massive damage potential.


One of the stars from last patch Gyrocopter has surprisingly got buffed rather than nerfed. His nerfs seem to have been cancelled out by his new talents, as they increase the areas which have been nerfed. Additionally, his new shard allows the homing missile to cast rocket barrage while it travels. This new shard does surprising amounts of damage in addition to the stun that the missile already provides.

Monkey King

It is nice to see Monkey King back in a good spot. With the 7.30 patch, her has returned to a viable position for carry, and hopefully we can see him back in action. The changes give several changes. The first of which is the integration of his old shard ability into the ability itself and giving him a new shard. Now, the new shard allows for a lower cooldown on Mischief and a better change of dodging spells or attacks through the spell. Additionally, he has more lifesteal from his Jingu ability, which can make him a menace in lane.

Outworld Devourer

Another surprising change is for Outworld Devourer. The changes entirely focus on his Astral Imprisonment ability and the shard update. With the shard, allies he casts Astral on are able to move at 60% movement speed and are untargettable. This makes the potential for support OD shine, with a meteor hammer and shard save allies or combo enemies.


The last big change in the 7.30 Patch is for Tinker who got a pretty big rework. Mainly his abilities got shifted around and he got a new one. Now, shard provides the March of the Machines ability, and Defensive Matrix is a basic ability. On top of that he also gets an ability paired with his ultimate to teleport to any of his towers. Then, his Laser ability also does AOE damage. So this new tinker will just be farming jungle, teleporting to towers to defend and casting defensive matrix on his allies. This new tinker will be a pain in your pubs or a menace if you learn to play him right.

These were the biggest changes from the new 7.30 patch. Hopefully we covered your favorite heroes that have been changed. For more DOTA 2 content, stick around on