A few items have been removed, but we have some exciting changes to other items. Check out the biggest changes and what they mean for the game.

The much-awaited 7.30 gameplay update is now live and Dota 2 players have a long list of changes to go through. There’s no new hero, but there are a lot of item changes. Some neutral items are no longer in the game and Valve has added a bunch of new ones.

Item changes are crucial to the gameplay balance as they form an integral part of a hero's toolkit. The 7.30 gameplay update brings several changes to existing items, and removes a few from the game.

7.30 Item Changes

Aeon Disk

  • Bonus HP reduced from 300 to 250
  • Aeon Disk Cooldown increases by 20s every time it triggers up to 165s. Cooldown: 105/125/145/165s.

This is a slight nerf to the Aeon Disk with a reduction in total HP. Additionally, the item's cooldown will also increase by 20 seconds every 20 seconds up to 165 seconds.

Abyssal Blade

  • Bash bonus damage increased from 100 to 120

Aether Lens

  • Mana Regeneration bonus reduced from 3.0 to 2.5
  • Ability Cooldown Reduction increased from 25% to 30%

Arcane Boots

  • Replenish Mana mana restored increased from 160 to 175


  • Health Restored reduced from 115 to 110
  • Mana Restored reduced from 65 to 60
  • Restore time increased from 2.5 to 2.7

The 7.30 update brings significant nerfs to the mid-lane with changes to the bottle. The Water rune also replenishes just 40 HP instead of the previous 80 HP. Mid players will need to ferry out more regeneration in the form of healing salves and mangoes.

Drums of Endurance

  • Strength and Intelligence bonuses increased from 6 to 7

Enchanted Mango

  • Cost reduced from 70 to 65

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

  • Mana Regen reduced from 3.5 to 2.5.

This is a signficant reduction to the mana regeneration. It also indirectly nerfs heroes such as Shadow Fiend and Leshrac that were seeing increasing popularity in the previous patch.

Falcon Blade

  • Bonus Attack Damage increased from 10 to 12.
  • Bonus Health increased from 175 to 200.


  • Bonus Intelligence increased from 20 to 24.
  • Bonus Strength and Agility increased from 12 to 14.
  • Projectile Speed increased from 1750 to 1900.

Gleipnir is an item that has not seen much play in pro games. The item is good only on a few heros, but its popularity has decreased since introduction. Buffs were needed and the 7.30 update brings an increased projectile speed, Bonus intelligence and stats.

Helm of the Overlord

  • Reworked Recipe. Now requires Helm of the Dominator, Vladmir's Offering and a 1000 gold recipe (Total cost increased from 6000 to 6050).
  • Bonus Stats reduced from +20 to +8.
  • Now can only dominate 1 creep.
  • Creep Movement Speed increased from 380 to 400.
  • The Creep Bonus Attack Damage increased from 25 to 80.
  • Creep Bonus Armor increased from 4 to 8.
  • Now also grants Vladmir's Aura (+3 armor, +1.75 Mana Regen, +18% damage, +15% Lifesteal in 1200 radius).

Helm of the Overlord has a slight increase in price. The item remains an aura item and the dominated creep can provide some vision. Despite the recent buffs, Helm of the Overlord might still not see a significant increase in popularity.

Hurricane Pike

  • The duration of Hurricane thrust is increased from 5s to 6s.
  • Hurricane Thrust max attacks increased from 4 to 5.

Mage Slayer

  • Recipe Reworked: Now requires Oblivion Staff + Cloak + 400g Recipe. (total gold cost reduced from 3250 to 2400).
  • Grants +20% Magic Resist, 20 damage, 10 Intelligence, 15 attack speed and 2 mana regen.

Rod of Atos

  • Bonus Intelligence increased from 20 to 24.
  • Bonus Strength and Agility increased from 10 to 12.
  • Projectile Speed increased from 1750 to 1900.

With improvements to the bonus strength and agility, the Rod of Atos might see more pickups in pub games. It also has a higher projectile speed, which means chance of players escaping or going out of reach is less. The item also grants bonus intelligence, making it a great pickup for


  • Status Resistance reduced from 16 to 12.

Sentry Ward

  • Replenish time decreased from 75 to 70.
  • Duration reduced from 8 minutes to 7.

Silver Edge

  • Recipe Reworked. Now requires Shadow Blade + Crystalys + 350g recipe. (Total cost decreased from 5650 to 5300).
  • Now Grants +60 damage, +40 Attack Speed, and a 30% chance of 160% critical damage..
  • Attacks breaking out of invisibility now deal a guaranteed 160% crit with 175 bonus damage.

Silver Edge's new recipe makes it certainly more appealing to carry players. The presence of Crystalis, and the accompanying crit chance now now allows cores to deal more damage to opponents. Breaking out of invisibility now grants a guaranteed 160% crit with 175 bonus damage, so tanky offlaners might not be as tanky anymore in the new patch.

Smoke of Deceit

  • Increased Max Stock from 2 to 3 (Starting stock is still 2)

Wind Waker

  • Recipe reduced from 1600 to 1300 (Total cost reduced from 7125 to 6825)

Wind Waker has been one of those items that has a lot of use in team fights. But its significantly higher cost makes it unappealing to players. This is a slight reduction in its recipe price and might see a spike in its popularity.

Witch Blade

  • Damage per tick reduced from 1x int to 0.75x int.
  • Duration increased from 3s to 4s.
  • Fixed interaction that caused Witch Blade to give permanent True Strike against magic immune targets.

Removed Items

Valve has removed seven neutral items from the game. Neutral items have been a contentious topic, with some members of the community feeling Valve missed the mark with their introduction. 

Regardless, Neutral items are here to stay and Valve has actually added a bunch of new ones. The following items have been removed from the game in the 7.30 gameplay update:

  • Faded Broach.
  • Ironwood Tree.
  • Imp Claw.
  • Illusionist’s Cape.
  • Minotaur Horn.
  • Orb of Destruction.
  • Ballista.

The update adds eight new neutral items across the various tiers. You can check out the new 7.30 Dota 2 items here. There are now five dropped neutral items per tier, so each player will get an appropriate tier neutral item.

The Water rune now heals for just 40 HP, which means its importance is significantly less than before. The second Roshan no longer drops Cheese, yet another objective that might slowly become less important. 

Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest Dota 2 7.30 item and hero changes.

Featured Image Credit: Wykrhm's Twitter.