Jenkins explains the method behind the madness of iceiceice, EG’s “new” offlaner, and how it actually won them a game in the Singapore Major.

Iceiceice has always been praised for his signature chaotic style. Dropping items in front of teleporting opponents, doing everything he can to piss off his opponents - it's all just part of the classic iceiceice playbook. These plays are very much in line with his personality. But what if we told you, that's the exact reason he's so good?

In Game 2 of EG vs Fnatic on Day 1 of the playoffs of the Singapore Major, iceiceice fountain dove former teammate Anucha "Jabz" Jirawong's Techies seemingly out of nowhere. This doesn't typically amount to much - or so we thought.

Jenkins breaks down the genius of iceiceice fountain dive

Dota 2 DPC analyst Jenkins breaks down for Esports.GG the genius of iceiceice, and how that play actually ended up playing a crucial role in EG closing out the series.

EG has had a pretty smooth run in the upper bracket of the Singapore Major so far, and look poised to take the title. A big part of their success is their recent addition - Daryl "iceiceice" Koh Pei Xiang, in the offlane.

Although iceiceice has only played Pangolier twice in the DPC thus far, the swashbucking pangolin is his favourite hero. His overall record on the hero is 4W-2L, and we can only hope to see it in the finals.

The Singapore Major Finale draws near, and we have a good guess on how it's gonna turn out. Evil Geniuses qualified directly for the playoffs of the SIngapore Major after placing 1st in the NA DPC online season with a record of 6-1.

This article was written by Mike Tsang, a member of the Esports.GG Editorial team

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