Find out when your favorite teams are playing at the Gamers8 Riyadh Masters tournament. We’ll also keep this article updated with results so stay tuned!

The Gamers8 event for Dota 2 is on the horizon. The $4 million USD tournament commences on July 20 where the best Dota 2 teams in the world clash for victory in a LAN setting. We will be seeing explosive matchups such as Team Spirit and PSG.LGD’s rematch since TI10 finals. We’ll also be seeing ana stand-in for Team Liquid at the tournament, marking his return from retirement. With so many exciting moments coming up, fans are more than excited for the game day. UPDATE: PSG.LGD are the crowned champions of Gamers8 Riyadh Masters!

In this article, we’ll list down the full schedule of the event as well as where you can watch it. We’ll also live update the results here, so stay tuned!

Quick Preview

Ten Dota 2 teams from all over the world will compete live in the Esports & Elite Zone Boulevard, Riyadh. The prize money comprises $4 million for the competition as well as another $1 million that will be given to all organizations. Here is the prize pool distribution:

  • 1st: $1.5 million
  • 2nd: $750K
  • 3rd – 4th: $425K
  • 5th – 6th: $200K
  • 7th – 8th: $150K
  • 9th – 10th: $100K

The format is very compressed with the Group stage and Playoffs taking place in under 4 days. The Group Stage will see a single Round Robin format where teams battle each other in a BO2 series. The top team of each group advances to the Upper Bracket, meanwhile the 2nd – 3rd drop to the Lower Bracket. The bottom team will be eliminated. In the Playoffs, we’ll see a BO3 single-elimination bracket. In contrast to most Dota 2 tournaments, the Grand Finals of Gamers8 Dota 2 will be a BO3.

Gamers8 Riyadh Masters Dota 2 Groups

Ten teams arrived at Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia with the hopes of getting a slice of the prize. The event hosts a hefty prize, with the first place team set to win $1.5 million. What makes it more exciting is the lineup of teams that upholds the event like it’s a mini-TI!

Three teams; Team Liquid, RNG, and Deboosters qualified for the event through the Gamers Without Borders tournament. Meanwhile, the rest of the teams were invited. Here are the groups for Gamers8 Riyadh Masters Dota 2.

Group AGroup B
Nigma GalaxyTeam Spirit
Royal Never Give Up (RNG)Team Secret
Team Liquid – EliminatedTundra Esports – Eliminated
TSM – EliminatedDeboosters – Eliminated
Group A and Group at Riyadh Masters 2022

Gamers8 Riyadh Masters Dota 2 Full Schedule

Wednesday, July 20: Group Stage

Time [CEST]Time [SGT]MatchScore
14:0020:00TSM vs Liquid [Stream A]2:0
14:0020:00RNG vs NGX [Stream B]1:1
17:0023:00Tundra vs Secret [Stream A] 0:2
17:0023:00Spirit vs Deboosters [Stream B] 2:0
20:0002:00 (+1 day)OG vs RNG [Stream A] 1:1
20:0002:00 (+1 day)Liquid vs NGX [Stream B] 1:1

Thursday, July 21: Group Stage

Time [CEST]Time [SGT]MatchScore
11:0017:00PSG.LGD vs Spirit [Stream A] 2:0
11:0017:00Secret vs Deboosters [Stream B] 2:0
14:0020:00OG vs Liquid [Stream A] 2:0
14:0020:00TSM vs NGX [Stream B] 0:2
17:0023:00PSG.LGD vs Secret [Stream A]0:2
17:0023:00Tundra vs Deboosters [Stream B]2:0
20:0002:00 (+1 day)OG vs NGX [Stream A]1:1
20:0002:00 (+1 day)TSM vs RNG [Stream B]0:2

Friday, July 22: Group Stage

Time [CEST]Time [SGT]MatchScore
14:0020:00PSG.LGD vs Deboosters [Stream A] 2:0
14:0020:00Tundra vs Spirit [Stream B]0:2
17:0023:00OG vs TSM [Stream A]2:0
17:0023:00RNG vs Liquid [Stream B] 1:1
20:0002:00 (+1 day)PSG.LGD vs Tundra [Stream A] 2:0
20:0002:00 (+1 day)Spirit vs Secret [Stream B] 1:1

Group Stage Standings

#Group AScoreGroup BScore

Saturday, July 23: Playoffs

Time [CEST]Time [SGT]MatchScore
20:0002:00 (+1 day)Quarter-Finals
RNG vs Spirit

Sunday, July 24: Final Day [🔴LIVE]

Time [CEST]Time [SGT]MatchScore
13:0019:00Semi Finals
16:3022:30Semi Finals
Secret vs Spirit
20:0002:00 (+1 day)Grand Finals
PSG.LGD vs Spirit

Playoffs Bracket

Updated Playoffs Bracket for Gamers8 Dota 2

Where to Watch the Gamers8 Riyadh Masters Dota 2

You can catch the live broadcasts on these Twitch channels:

You can also check out Gamers8 socials on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stay tuned to for more Gamers8 Dota 2 updates!

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