DPC China 2023 Tour 1: Division I – schedule, preview, full details cover image

DPC China 2023 Tour 1: Division I – schedule, preview, full details

A new-gen PSG.LGD, the return of Invictus Gaming, and MORE. Keep track of the China DPC Division I schedule and its contenders here!

The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC China) season kick-starts in the Chinese region in a few more days. This region flashes new faces and exciting lineups including a new-generation PSG.LGD. Find out all about the upcoming Division I matches in CN DPC with the full schedule and team preview in this article.

DPC China 2023 Tour 1: Division I details

Tour 1 or the Winter Tour marks a clean slate for teams to grind their way towards The International 2023. For the Chinese region, the top four teams earn DPC points and secure a slot in the Dota 2 Major. All teams competing in Division I also earn prize money.

Production-wise, China DPC retains familiarity with the previous year as it is once again organized by Perfect World.



DPC China 2023 Tour 1: Division I schedule

The CN DPC for Division I begins on Jan. 5 and ends on Feb. 3 2023. Here is the schedule (as for now) for the Tour 1 Division I CN DPC.

CN DPC Div I - Week 1

13:00 SGT
16:00 SGT
19:00 SGT
Jan. 5
Jan. 6
Aster vs Knights
XG vs Aries
Jan. 7
Knights vs iG
Jan. 8
XG vs Aster
iG vs DAWN
PSG.LGD vs Aries
Week 1 of CN DPC Div 1

CN DPC Div I - Week 2

13:00 SGT
16:00 SGT
19:00 SGT
Jan. 10
PSG.LGD vs Knights
Jan. 12
Aster vs Aries
Jan. 14
Aster vs DAWN
Aries vs iG
Jan. 15
XG vs Knights
Aster vs EHOME
Week 2 of CN DPC Div 1

CN DPC Div I - Week 3

13:00 SGT
16:00 SGT
19:00 SGT
Jan. 17
XG vs Dawn
Knights vs Aries
Week 3 of CN DPC Div 1

CN DPC Div I - Week 4

13:00 SGT
16:00 SGT
19:00 SGT
Jan. 31
Knights vs Dawn
Feb. 1
Aries vs EHOME
Aster vs iG
Feb. 2
Knights vs EHOME
XG vs iG
Feb. 3
Aries vs Dawn
PSG.LGD vs Aster
Week 4 of CN DPC Div 1

DPC China 2023 Tour 1: Division I team preview

All eight teams in CN DPC Division I are Knights, Team Aster, Xtreme Gaming, PSG.LGD, Aster.Aries, EHOME, Dawn Gaming, and Invictus Gaming. Some of the names are more than familiar and some might be completely new. Let's break down the faces of China Division I.


  • Luo "eGo" Bin
  • Vincent "AlaCrity" Hiew
  • Su "Flyby" Lei
  • Chong “FelixCiaoBa” Wei Lun
  • Xiao "XCJ" Chaojian

This new team acquired the Royal Never Give Up (RNG) slot which had disbanded following the end of TI11. The team fields a couple of notable players such as two former Team Fusion members and the former midlaner for NGX.SEA, AlaCrity.

Team Aster

  • Du "Monet" Peng
  • Zhai "Xwy" Jingkai
  • Lin "Xxs" Jing
  • Ye "BoBoKa" Zhibiao
  • Yu "皮球" Yajun 

Aster heads into Tour 1 DPC with a new midlaner, Xwy, who had replaced Zeng "Ori" Jiaoyang following his retirement. Team Aster had a great showing last TI with a fourth-place finish, marking them as certain favorites.

Xtreme Gaming

  • Daniel "Ghost" Chan
  • Zhang "Paparazi灬" Chengjun
  • Thiay "JT-" Jun Wen
  • Xiong "Pyw" Jiahan
  • Ding "Dy" Cong

XG sees an interesting shift in its roster with the addition of former RNG carry, Ghost, and former IG offlaner, JT-. The team was one of the Chinese favorites last season but fell short during the Last Chance Qualifier.


  • Guo "shiro" Xuanang
  • Cheng "NothingToSay" Jin Xiang
  • Li "项羽" Longwu
  • Lin "planet" Hao
  • Zhang "y`" Yiping

PSG.LGD will see NothingToSay and y' playing alongside new faces. This team's performance is undoubtedly the most anticipated out of all the Chinese teams. Nevertheless, fans have faith that it'll work out courtesy of LGD's history of building powerful lineups.


  • Wang "Ulu" Jiakai
  • Liu "White丶Album" Yuhao
  • Xiao "生死" Yihu
  • He "TK" Boyi
  • Ru "RedPanda" Zhihao

The second squad of Team Aster's organization, Aster.Aries has been stagnant at the bottom of China DPC's Division I for a while. But with the return of White丶Album and TK, the team might be able to find their footing this time around.


  • Wong "mks" Sim An
  • Pan "yChen" Shuaifang
  • Lee "X1aOyU" Qian Yu
  • Tang "Salad" Xiaolei
  • Liu "Lww" Weiwei 

The renowned organization fields a blend of local players and two new Malaysian additions. In 2022, EHOME showcased promising potential but the team couldn't make it to the top of Division I.

Dawn Gaming

  • Hou "idc" Xiaomeng
  • Liu "ex" Shaojun
  • Lin "Son Goku" Shiyang
  • He "Docres" Ercong
  • Yang "Ms" Yongjie

Dawn Gaming is a new team formed around three former LBZS players. Dawn Gaming had acquired the Division I slot from CDEC.

Invictus Gaming

  • Zhou "Emo" Yi
  • Zhou "Dust" Shiyuan
  • Li "Irving" Jian
  • Wilson "poloson" Koh
  • Cui "qyqx" Chenyang

IG marks its return to China DPC Division I after an entire year stuck in Division II. The team seems to regain its stability last season but its roster is almost entirely different now. Four new players join Emo in IG including a Singaporean player, poloson, and three former Team MagMa players.

China DPC's Division I is on the horizon. You can refer to the tournament's Liquipedia page here. Keep track of Winter Tour DPC in other regions on our site:

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