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Dawn of a new era: Next generation PSG.LGD is set for DPC 2023 cover image

Dawn of a new era: Next generation PSG.LGD is set for DPC 2023


PSG.LGD’s Dota 2 roster is now complete with the addition of three new faces.

The clock is ticking. Fans can hear the footsteps of Dota 2 organizations scrambling to finalize and register their rosters. One of the giants in the Dota 2 pro scene, PSG.LGD, also completed its Dota 2 roster filled with new, rising talents alongside familiar faces.
PSG.LGD Dota 2 roster for DPC 2022/2023 is as follows:
  1. Guo "shiro" Xuanang
  2. Cheng "NothingToSay" Jin Xiang
  3. Li "项羽" Longwu
  4. Lin "planet" Hao
  5. Zhang "y`" Yiping

NothingToSay and y' lay the foundation

PSG.LGD has built a massive legacy for the past decade, being exceptionally consistent and dominant. The organization always seems to construct stable lineups that would pose a threat wherever they go. But this year saw PSG.LGD crumble for the first time in ages, dropping out of The International 11 early. This is in contrast to PSG.LGD's constant top 4 finishes at TI since 2017.
Following the team's heartbreaking loss, three of PSG.LGD's players decided to leave. XinQ announced that his contract ended and he decided to part ways with the organization and become a free agent. Ame also opted to take a break and now resides in the inactive roster of PSG.LGD. On the other hand, Faith_bian had long planned his retirement after TI11 and has not changed his mind.
PSG.LGD is left with two: NothingToSay and y'.

New faces in PSG.LGD roster

As the roster lock deadline nears, Dota 2 organizations rapidly register their players. With no official announcements released for most lineups so far, fans are left to scroll through the Major Registration page to spot confirmed lineups. On the page, PSG.LGD has signed all of its players including new faces and talents from the Chinese scene.
shiro at the Huya Dota 2 Winter Invitational 2020<br>Image via Huya
shiro at the Huya Dota 2 Winter Invitational 2020
Image via Huya
Carry player, shiro last played for EHOME in China's Division I. The team always hovers near relegation with a consistent 6th-place finish. However, the 21-year-old has an astounding record as a carry player and it's no surprise PSG.LGD took him under its wings.
There is little to no information about the mysterious 项羽 (xiàng yǔ). His career began with multiple shots to join the China DPC which saw him falling short multiple times. But he finally made it through the qualifiers for China DPC's Tour 3 and joined Division II under CDEC. To a surprise, CDEC clinched a first-place finish in Division II and is promoted to the upper division. There is no doubt that 项羽 is one of the rising talents in the Chinese region with such a drastic rise.
planet at the Huya Dota 2 Winter Invitational 2020<br>Image via Huya
planet at the Huya Dota 2 Winter Invitational 2020
Image via Huya
Finally, planet completes the lineup as position 4. The 24-year-old last played with EHOME and was teammates with shiro. He is one of the best support players in the region as of today, with an impressive record under his belt.
These new faces in PSG.LGD's roster will fill the massive void left by former Dota 2 veterans. We'll have yet to see if the PSG.LGD has constructed yet another stable and powerful lineup as it has always been in the past. If you want to keep close to Dota 2 roster news, stick around
Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee
Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee
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