Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 3, Book 3 confirmed, release date & info cover image

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 3, Book 3 confirmed, release date & info


The Netflix Dota animated series is returning for a third season this year!

Breathe a sigh of relief if you’re a Dota: Dragon’s Blood fan, as the show has now been confirmed for a third season. The announcement came as part of Netflix Geeked Week, where a new trailer for the third season dropped.
Simultaneously, the Dota 2 official Twitter, and Studio Mir shared the details, confirming the release date: August 11th, 2022. This is an incredibly quick turn around for the series, which we last saw new episodes for in January 2022. Now just seven months later, we’ll be seeing more Dragon’s Blood. And just in time to hype us up for ESL One Malaysia!

An altered release date for Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 3?

However, one detail about the announcement raised eyebrows. On the Geeked Week - Day 5 stream from Netflix, the release date was dubbed over with a robotic voice.
This seemingly impies the release date was changed, possibly at the last minute, given the recording for this event made reference to Summer Game Fest, which was only yesterday. So it seems like there might be some issues surrounding the release, but nothing concrete.

Season 3 Hype!

Regardless, it's exciting to know there’ll be some Dota: Dragon’s Blood content after such a short time. After all, Book 2 finished on a downer, with horrible events happening to multiple characters, and the fate of the Universe still in the balance. And there’s plenty of hype to be had, thanks to posters like the one Wykrhm Reddy revealed as the show was announced. 
Not content to let Wykrhm have all the fun, show runner Ashley Edward Miller shared some still images from Book 3 on his own Twitter.
The most interesting of which was definitely the demonic-looking character. With the design and color-scheme they almost look like the result of Terrorblade's possession of Selemene!
Hopefully with the release of Book 3, we’ll finally get some answers to those unanswered questions about Invoker, Selemene, Terrorblade, and others. And of course, more cameos from beloved Dota 2 heroes. Techies for Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 anyone? 
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