The 7.29b gameplay update brings a surprising change to Elder Titan’s Earth Splitter. Its not what you would expect.

Valve has already rolled out the 7.29b update that attempts to balance the Dota 2 hero pool. The 7.29 gameplay update brought about big changes to the map as well as several heroes’ talents and abilities. The patch update also added a new hero in Dawnbreaker. 

What’s new in the 7.29b update?

The latest update brings changes to forty-one Dota 2 heroes. While some hero abilities were changes, some others have new talents or stats. Here are some of the biggest changes in the 7.29b gameplay update. 


Hoodwink’s win rate has seen an increase. But the hero is no longer as popular after the 7.29 update. Screengrab via

A higher strength gain and a 10% damage increase to Acorn shot hopes to improve the hero’s viability in Dota 2. Valve revealed Hoodwink in November last year, but it is only recently that the hero joined Captains Mode. After some tweaks to the hero in the 7.29 update, Valve has decided to buff the hero in 7.29b despite a significant increase in the hero’s win rate. 


Valve buffed Huskar’s Inner Fire and Burning spear in the 7.29 gameplay update. But the hero seemed to be slightly overpowered and the 7.29b changes attempt to balance it out. Berserker’s Blood sees a reduction in the Health regen. The hero’s Berserker’s Blood regeneration talent will also see a reduction of 5%. 


An image showing Kunkka using X-mark on Dragon Knight.
Kunkka’s X Mark the spot received a 12 second cooldown reduction at level 1. Image Credit: Dota 2.

Kunkka’s X Mark the Spot Cooldown reduced from 38/30/22/14 to 24/20/16/12. This is a massive change to the hero in the early levels, which will probably see the return of a support Kunkka. A 14-second cooldown reduction at level 1 will bring about a massive change to the hero’s playstyle. 


The 7.29b update has increased Lina’s agility gain significantly. Also, the hero’s Light Strike Array (the stun) is now easier to cast with a reduced mana cost and increase in radius. 


The removal of Necronomicon hurt Lycanthrope the most. The hero could roam around the map with his ‘zoo’ but now the ‘zoo’ longer exists (not until and if you get the Book of the Dead later in the game). 

Lycan is the biggest gainer in the 7.29 b update. The hero’s agility, armor and intelligence all see an increase. Its wolves now slow enemies and have higher HP. All of the hero’s Level 15 and 20 talents receive a buff in the latest update. 

Phantom Lancer

Many other hero abilities have seen changes. Beastmaster’s Aghanim’s Wild Axes damage is now 30 instead of 40 previously.

Techies and Elder Titan

 Meanwhile, SirActionSlacks expressed his disappointment with the Techies nerfs. Already one of the most unpopular heroes in Dota 2, these nerfs will be a big blow to the few Techies players still out there. 

Another interesting change in the latest update highlights Valve’s ‘attention to detail’. Elder Titan’s Earth Splitter Delay has been reduced from 2.8 to 2.7182. The hero’s ability delay was previously 3.14 seconds, or the numerical value of pi. After the subreddit requested (demanded?) that Valve change it to the value of “e”; Valve has gone ahead and done just that.

Dota 2 players can check out the full list of changes here.

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