Dota 2 is swamped with bugs after Spring Cleaning and it’s ruining pubs cover image

Dota 2 is swamped with bugs after Spring Cleaning and it’s ruining pubs

Dota 2 is infested with nasty in-game bugs after the Spring Cleaning update was launched and it is massively ruining pubs.

Valve recently delivered the promised Spring Cleaning which touched up a lot of in-game features including the Demo Mode, the Mute button, and the shop search system. While the update was a breath of fresh air for a lot of players, they soon encountered an overwhelming number of bugs in the game. And like Dota 2 players always say - it's literally UNPLAYABLE.

Game-breaking bugs infest Dota 2 after Spring Cleaning update

Spring Cleaning update unleashed game-breaking bugs
Spring Cleaning update unleashed game-breaking bugs

The anticipated Spring Cleaning introduced amazing makeovers to features in-game. But on the very first day of the update, the r/Dota2 page is bombarded with complaints of bugs. Surprisingly, most of them have remained in the client even after a week.

Here are a couple of the most broken Spring Cleaning bugs in Dota 2.

Free Aghanim's Scepter Bug

One of the craziest bugs is the free Aghanim's Scepter bug. If you buy an Aghanim's Scepter, sell it, disconnect immediately and reconnect - you will retain the Aghanim's Scepter buff. This bug only works for heroes that gain an additional spell after buying Aghanim's Scepter such as Kunkka (Torrent Storm) and Zeus (Nimbus). For such an expensive item that rewards a lot of game-changing abilities, the free Aghs are directly ruining pubs.

Infinite charges bug

Next, is the infinite charges bug. This bug seems to have a pattern that applies to heroes with additional abilities with charges.

Redditor u/spekrv posted a clip showcasing the infinite Blink Fragment bug. Anti-Mage's Aghs gives him an additional spell, Blink Fragment. It has 3 charges to blink a really pesky illusion. When AM drops the item and picks it up again, the bug gives additional 3 charges that add up infinitely. Another Redditor said that when he drops the Aghs to his inventory, his charges replenish to the full 3 charges instead.

Another post revealed that Treant Protector has the same pattern. His Aghanim's Scepter gives 3 charges for Eye of the Forest. If you drop the item, it replenishes the charges.

Rubick Spell Steal bugs

Now let's talk about Rubick. This hero received special attention in the Spring Cleaning update, likely because of the hero's massive change in Patch 7.31. Rubick now can steal two spells with Aghs and that change took a toll on a lot of in-game functions. After Spring Cleaning, there were a number of game-crashing and ruining bugs related to Rubick. One of them is when Rubick steals both Puck's Illusory Orb and Faceless Void's Timewalk, using the spells would instantly crash the game.

There are smaller bugs that are not completely game-breaking. One of those includes Anti-Mage's Counter Spell which releases the sound of Mana Void when activated. This bug is relatively small but it still could be irritating in games.

The post-Spring Cleaning bugs continue to ruin pubs

There are countless other bugs that Dota 2 players are sharing online. The fact that these have stayed in the game for roughly a week is worrying. Many players have abused the bug and ruined pubs, including in high-ranked games which affect professional players as well. The clip below shows TI winner, Ceb talking about his encounter with a player who abused the free Aghs bug.

Nevertheless, Valve seems to be aware of this issue and is working to fix it. Previously there was a massive Sand King Aghanim's Shard bug which caused him to proc Epicenter endlessly. This bug was immediately fixed. However, we still have to wait for when Valve does another overhaul to repair all the Dota 2 Spring Cleaning bugs that have infested the client. Until then, we can expect to see more bug discoveries along the way.

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