Tundra’s match against Nigma Galaxy saw an overpowered Harpy Scout strat which sparked some reactions from the community.

Tundra Esports is on fire as they handed a convincing defeat to Nigma Galaxy (NGX) in today's WEU DPC matchup. The squad showcased a strong performance and an interesting Harpy strat that sparked a couple of reactions from Dota 2 pros and talents.

Their matchup against Nigma Galaxy had an even beginning with both teams making valuable trades across the map. However, when it came to the mid-game, Tundra completely outplayed NGX and eventually snowballed a smooth victory. Skiter even bagged a 27-minutes Rampage on his Chaos Knight in the 2nd game of the series.

But hidden in the shadows and among the trees was a pesky birdie, which even the spectators might find it hard to spot. It was a Harpy Scout who was giving Tundra all the information they need on NGX's movement.

In the 2nd game of the series, Sneyking's Weaver picked up a Helm of the Dominator, which was odd but it was for a solid purpose. Using the item, he controlled the Harpy Scout and gave Tundra a massive vision advantage.

For those who didn't quite read the new patch, the jungle creeps now have reworked abilities. The Harpy camp was blessed with one of the most powerful abilities and that is to provide vision.

Arteezy and TeaGuvnor comment on Tundra's Harpy Scout strat

The Harpy Scout can basically be turned into a moving ward and it gives an insanely large vision. In Dota 2, vision is a large factor that easily determines whether you win or lose a game due to the valuable information it provides. It is undoubtedly a massive advantage and a couple of pros and talents pointed out the overpowered vision-game that the Harpy Scout provides.

The casters of the series Fogged and ODPixel talked about how the Harpy Scout is massively overpowered. "The Harpy is giving them information of everything in this fight. They see everyone even on the high ground," said Fogged. "That is so busted though."

EG carry, Arteezy, who tweets once in a lifetime, posted his thoughts and called the Harpy Scout a “mobile ward”.

Insania upvoted the post, agreeing with Arteezy.

Broadcast talent, TeaGuvnor described how the Harpy Scout is undeniably powerful with how difficult it is to search on the minimap and around trees.

Even Skiter himself agrees that the Harpy Scout is broken. In the post-match interview, the panel asked him about Tundra's approach to the meta after the Gamers Galaxy event. To this, he responded that nothing heavily changed except it has "evolved in other sense". "You see the Helm of the Dominator. I mean the jungle creep is very.. they're broken; the Harpies," he laughed.

While the Harpy Scout is still alive and well in the patch, we might be seeing more of this overpowered creep in upcoming DPC matches.

You can find the WEU DPC schedule here.

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