You can grab Dota 2’s 10-year anniversary treasures for 10 more days cover image

You can grab Dota 2’s 10-year anniversary treasures for 10 more days

Dota 2’s free 10th Anniversary Treasure is available for another 10 days after the period for earning it was extended just at the deadline.

For the past three weeks, every time you won a game of Dota 2 you had the chance to unlock a free Dota 2 10th Anniversary Treasure, but time was running out. Now Valve has extended the deadline on this giveaway event, meaning players have 10 more days to grab the 10th Anniversary Treasures! The extension was announced on Valve’s blog late on Thursday (Sep. 7).

Dota 2 10th Anniversary Treasures deadline extended

Originally scheduled to end on September 7, the Dota 2 10th Anniversary Treasures deadline was extended to September 18, giving us another week and some change to grab the treasures. In the blog post, Valve had a light-hearted response to the extension:

“Three weeks just isn’t enough time to get all of those 10th Anniversary Rewards. You know who agrees with you? Gabe Newell. You know who’s fired if we don’t extend the event so he can get his Ursa set? According to Gabe: us. So we’re happy and relieved and still employed to announce that the end date of the 10th Anniversary event is now September 18th.”

While it’s comforted to hear that Gabe still plays Dota, and is invested in the skins, we’ll take the reasoning with a pinch of salt. We expect that fact there’s no Battle Pass and the TI event isn’t schedule to launch to late September/October may have something to do with the delay as well.

So In case you missed it, this is your chance to grab the 15 Dota 2 10th Anniversary Treasures. We have a full article on how to grab these treasures, and showcasing all 15 and the lore behind them. Or if you’re feeling like these freebies aren’t enough, the 2023 Collector’s Cache is also on sale now. Basically, you’re spoilt for choice in Dota 2 cosmetics right now.

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