Dota 2’s 10-year anniversary event nets players free treasures! cover image

Dota 2’s 10-year anniversary event nets players free treasures!

Dota 2’s anniversary celebration has (belatedly) arrived! Celebrate the decade of Dota with 13 treasures you can get just by winning games.

It’s officially party time in Dota 2 as the long awaited 10-year anniversary content is finally here! Revealed in a blog post on the evening of August 17, Dota 2 players can now earn a free treasure every time they win a game of Dota 2 until September 7.

The anniversary event was initially announced a few months ago, but we were pre-warned that they’d miss the July 10 “official” date. And, with battle passes being relegated to a thing of the past many were wondering just what form this anniversary celebration was going to take. 

As a result this nostalgic treasure that celebrates not just the 10 years of Dota 2, but 13 of them, is a hugely pleasant surprise.

Treasure of the 10-Year Anniversary of Dota 2

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The Treasure of the 10-Year Anniversary features 13 different items, each of them themed after a different year. We’ve listed them below for handy reference:

  • 2011 - 10th Anniversary Dolfrat and Roshinante
  • 2012 - 10th Anniversary The Alpine Stalker’s Set
  • 2013 - 10th Anniversary Relic Sword
  • 2014 - 10th Anniversary Filmtail
  • 2015 - 10th Anniversary Bindings of Deep Magma
  • 2016 - 10th Anniversary Staff of Gun-Yu
  • 2017 - 10th Anniversary Heaven Piercing Pauldrons
  • 2018 - 10th Anniversary Gabe Newell Chat Lines
  • 2019 - 10th Anniversary Hidden Vector
  • 2020 - 10th Anniversary Aghanim’s Roshan
  • 2021 - 10th Anniversary Mirana Persona Bundle
  • 2022 - 10th Anniversary Shader Effect 2023
  • 2023 - 10th Anniversary Tormentor

As mentioned, you’ll get one of these treasures each time you win a match of Dota 2 until September 7. It’s unlikely you’re going to get them all in just 13 games, so lets hope you have some free time this summer until them.

The post revealing these items ended on a thankyou to the Dota 2 community: “All jokes aside, we’re really lucky to have a community as supportive as Dota’s. We’re happy to have been able to share this journey with you so far. So for the next couple of weeks, jump in a match and help us celebrate the decade behind us. We look forward to all the games to come.”

The community and Valve don’t always see eye-to-eye, but this genuine and heartfelt celebration of the game does feel real. Even if we can already sense the “Gib Battle Pass” posts coming…

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