The Filipino redemption continues!

The Riyadh Masters Closed Qualifier for Southeast Asia has ended, bringing forth two victorious teams. The first to qualify was the regional powerhouse Aurora, a no-surprise turnaround. But Blacklist International making it to Riyadh Masters was an interesting victory to many fans. This is especially after their internal conflict and what was deemed as their "last hurrah".

Blacklist International finds a successful "last hurrah"

Blacklist International, touted as the Filipino redemption team, fields an all-star lineup from the region. With notable names like Abed "Abed" Yusop, Kim "Gabbi" Santos, and Timothy John "TIMS" Randrup  in their roster, the team attracts a lot of local and international fans. But their rising fame in recent times was not solely because of their reputation.

On May 15, two of Blacklist International members, Gabbi and Abed, were reportedly caught in an internal conflict which resulted in physical assault. It was later confirmed by the CEO of Blacklist International who revealed that the two players were heavily fined as a result. He also stated that they have calmed down and agreed to continue playing with each other under Blacklist International.

Despite the team remaining together, the CEO also stated that the Riyadh Masters qualifier would be their "last hurrah". This caused a lot of question marks among fans and supporters who are curious to see their performance in this significant event. With a victorious Lower Bracket run, Blacklist International defeated Talon Esports 2-1 to grab the second and final slot in the Riyadh Masters SEA Closed Qualifier.

Riyadh Masters starts July 4

The $5 million Riyadh Masters will occur on July 4 until July 21. This lengthy event takes place as part of the massive multi-title Esports World Cup. A total of twenty teams will gather in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a high-stake high-profile competition. With Blacklist International's qualification, there are now ten confirmed teams for Riyadh Masters.

The Closed Qualifier for other regions are currently ongoing. You can find out more details about Riyadh Masters below!

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