Both players were penalized with heavy fines after their conflict went physical.

Popular Filipino Dota 2 players, Kim "Gabbi" Santos and Abed "Abed" Yusop, have been fined a significant sum by their organization, Blacklist International. This was a result of their physical altercation last week, where Abed had punched Gabbi multiple times due to Gabbi's provocative trashtalks.

The story was told in LuponWXC's D'Xclusive interview with Blacklist International's CEO, Tryke Gutierrez. In a 40-minute long interview, he described the challenges of handling the Blacklist International Dota 2 team and ultimately elaborated on the explosive Gabbi-Abed drama.

Gabbi-Abed drama confirmed, both players fined for misconduct

Last week, the Dota 2 scene was bombarded by the abrupt news of Gabbi leaving Blacklist International due to a conflict with Abed. Gabbi delivered the information publicly on his livestream and fans began wondering if this was legitimate or if Gabbi was somehow pulling an inappropriate joke.

Today, the CEO of Blacklist International confirms that the story is true. He clarified that the two had a physical altercation at a photoshoot studio, and not at their bootcamp. Tryke did not reveal the real reason for the conflict, describing it as a "personal issue". However, it likely sprouted from Gabbi's words.

We decided to fine both individuals with a specific amount that is significant to both of them. I won't share the amount, but you can buy a car with it.

Blacklist International decides to heavily fine Gabbi and Abed equally. Tryke also mentioned that Blacklist International will donate both fines to charity.

Tryke said, "We decided to put a fine on both individuals with a specific amount that is significant to both of them. So particularly on this matter, I won't share the amount, but you can buy a car with it. Just to show that we really don't allow this as an organization."

Gabbi will remain in Blacklist International

(Image via ESL)
(Image via ESL)

Despite his impulsive departure after the conflict, Gabbi will remain in the all-Filipino team. The Blacklist International CEO had a personal talk with Gabbi and ultimately conveyed that "words carry weight" and "it's important to give value to the words we speak." Tryke says that he is proud of how Gabbi took the session and how he self-reflected.

The aftermath will see Gabbi and Abed continue playing together in the team. But Riyadh Masters may be the deciding tournament for the team's future as Tryke describes it as their "last hurrah."

During the interview, Tryke also revealed that the team will be playing with two new players, Jaunuel and Natsumi. The two replaces Palos and MJZ in the carry and support position. We will see this lineup compete in the upcoming Riyadh Masters qualifiers.

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