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Bali Major 2023 visitor’s guide

A complete guide to Bali Major with information on venue, Secret Shop, meet and greet and other various things to do in Bali.

The third and final Major will soon commence on June 29, 2023 to determine the final teams that will head to Seattle for The International 2023 (TI12). Those of you who were able to secure tickets to the main event (July 7-9) will soon experience a luxurious moment located at the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

Bali Major Visitor Guide

We have compiled a visitor's guide to help you navigate through Bali Major and have an enjoyable time at the event. In this guide we will cover:

  • Venue information
  • Essentials and need-to-know
  • Event schedule
  • Bali Major activities and after party
  • Things-to-do in Bali

How to get around the Ayana Estate

(Image via AYANA Hospitality)
(Image via AYANA Hospitality)

Bali Major will be located at the elegant Ayana Estate, a 90-hectare land lies on a cliff above the Jimbaran bay built as an expansive neighborhood of resorts. It is important to know that the tournament itself will be held at Champa Garden not at the main resort. In order to get to the venue, you will need to use a tram service from the Ayana Resort lobby.

You also need to know that non-tournament related activities such as the Secret Shop merchandise store will be located at the Rimba Hotel, which is accessible via the tram service as well. Below is a map that will guide you on the lay of the land so that you won't ever get lost throughout Bali Major.

(Image via AYANA Hospitality)
(Image via AYANA Hospitality)

Other need-to-know essentials

Local currency: Bali is located in Indonesia and uses the Rupiah (Rp.) currency. The average exchange rate is one US Dollar equals to Rp. 15,000. The main denominations are Rp. 10,000, Rp. 20,000, Rp. 50,000 and Rp. 100,000. Food and transportation costs can go as low as $20/day to $100/day depending on where and what you spend on.

Transportation: The public transportation infrastructure may not the best so you will have to rely on cabs. Gojek is the Uber-equivalent of Indonesia's ride-hauling service. You can download the app and pay by card or cash. Another (and the only other reliable) cab service you can use is Blue Bird, which is the yellow cab of Indonesia. Blue Bird can easily be contacted via WhatsApp at 0811-1794-1234.

Communication: WhatsApp is Indonesia's primary choice of communication and can be registered to any phone number across the globe.

Safety tips: Like in any other country, be sure to respect and follow the local laws and rules. It is always better to travel in groups, and is especially better when you have a friend who is a local to guide you. Note, tap water in Indonesia is generally not safe to drink. Hotels will usually provide bottled water. Otherwise, you can buy some from the nearest convenience stores. Indomaret and Alfamart will be your go-to convenience stores similar to 7-Eleven.

Event Schedule

(Image via IO Esports)
(Image via IO Esports)

Here's a quick rundown of the main event that will take place from July 7-9. All times are on GMT+8 and are subject to change.

Friday, July 7

09:30 AM
Doors open
10:00 AM
Match start:
- Lower bracket round 2 match 9
- Lower bracket round 2 match 10
- Upper bracket semifinal match 11
- Upper bracket semifinal match 12

Saturday, July 8

09:30 AM
Doors open
10:00 AM
Match start:
- Lower bracket quarterfinal match 13
- Lower bracket quarterfinal match 14
- Upper bracket final match 15
- Lower bracket semifinal match 16

Saturday, July 9

11:30 AM
Doors open
12:00 PM
Lower bracket final
5:00 PM
Grand final opening ceremony & match
11:00 PM
After party at Rock Bar, Ayana

Visitor's guide: Things to do at Bali Major and Ayana Estate

(Image via AYANA Hospitality)
(Image via AYANA Hospitality)

Even though there are limited seats for Bali Major, the Ayana Estate is an expanse filled with plenty of activities for you to maximize your experience. The following are the list of things you can do during the event whether you are there to focus on Dota or enjoy vacation at the elegant resort.

Bali Major activities guide

The non-tournament related activities which include a coveted meet-and-greet with your favorite teams will be located at Rimba Lawn. It is a few minutes away from the Champa Garden where the main event will be held.

Brand Partner's Zone: This is where you get to explore the products and services offered by the event sponsors that supported the realization of Bali Major.

Land vs Sea Photo Booth: As you have probably heard, the theme of this Major is the duel between the land and the sea. Make some memories at the photo booth with your friends and loved ones.

360 Hero Booth: Step in and surround yourself with real-life (3D) scale of your favorite Dota heroes at the 360 Hero Booth.

Merchandise Corner: A Major won't be complete without the existence of the highly sought-out Secret Shop. Be sure to grab your Bali Major limited edition souvenirs.

Meet & Greet: This is the one thing you will not want to miss. Meet your favorite players and teams. Get their autographs and ask them your burning questions about Dota.

  • Location - Rimba Lawn at Rimba Hotel
  • Time - Every day from July 7-9 every 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Duration - 60 minutes
(Image via IO Esports)
(Image via IO Esports)

Exclusive after party at the renowned Rock Bar

Premium ticket holders will have access to the Bali Major after party on the last day of the event (July 9, 11:00 p.m.) located at the famous Ayana Rock Bar. Perched atop distinctive rock formations along a pristine sunset coast, Rock Bar is widely known as one of the world's most popular sunset, cocktail and entertainment destinations.

Ayana Resort Rock Bar (Image via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Ayana Bali</a>)
Ayana Resort Rock Bar (Image via Ayana Bali)

While there are more than enough things to do that are Major-specific, don't limit yourself to them and enjoy many other activities around the Ayana Estate. For example, there are numerous pools across the resort for you to choose from ranging from river pool to thalassotherapy pool and to beach-side tide pool. Visit Ayana's website for a full list of accessible pools and facilities.

Outside of Major: An all-you-need-to-know guide on Bali

As amazing as the Ayana Estate is, you should not confine yourself within the resort and explore other parts of Bali. The following guide is everything you need to know in order to have a pleasant experience on the island.

Top picks for food around Bali

Food at resorts can be expensive. It's a good thing Bali is filled with culinary delights, both local and international, that are not only affordable but also delicious beyond belief. The following is a list of must-try that we highly recommend.

Babi Guling: Loosely translated as bolstered pork or pork roll, Babi Guling is one of Bali's most famous local dishes. A succulent roasted pork akin to grilled pork belly that is eaten along with its crispy skin, accompanied by delicious sides of vegetables and a special chilly sauce. Warning, it can get very spicy. One of the best restaurants closest to Ayana Estate that offers this dish is Babi Guling Karya Rebo. Just less than 20 minutes to get there by car from the venue.

Jimbaran Seafood: You cannot leave Bali without trying the seafood restaurants located by the Jimbaran beach. This is a special beach that is home to a seafood restaurant complex consisting of more than 10 restaurants serving fresh catches of the day. What's most special about this place is that you get to eat on the sandy beach while enjoying the breeze and melodies of the ocean.

(Image via AYANA Hospitality)
(Image via AYANA Hospitality)

Activities and entertainment

There is an abundance of recreations to do in Bali. Take some time in exploring the local culture and have some fun outside of the Major!

Water Sports: Need your fix of adrenaline rush? Then come on down to Nusa Dua beach area and experience exciting water-based activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boating. If possible bring a local friend with you to help get the best prices.

Night life & entertainment: Beach clubs and bars are some of the most popular choices of entertainment. While they are a bit of ways from Ayana Estate, Seminyak and Canggu are the best regions for these establishments. We recommend Atlas Beach Club or The Lawn.

Temples: Bali is a mostly Hindu community home to many religious temples. Some of them are open to public. The Uluwatu Temple is closest to Ayana Estate and is known to be a haven for monkeys. Avoid interacting and appreciate them from afar as they can get aggressive and can sometimes steal your belongings. Another temple to check out is the Tanah Lot temple, Bali's most famous and historic Hindu temple that faces a beautiful coast line.

Tanah Lot Hindu Temple at Bali (Image by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Viceroy Bali</a>)
Tanah Lot Hindu Temple at Bali (Image by Viceroy Bali)

We hope that this guide will be helpful throughout your journey at Bali Major. Please have a safe and enjoyable time and let's play some Dota!

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