Check out all 17 Lunar New Year-themed sets and the first-ever Ancient cosmetic in the Dota 2 Dragon’s Hoard treasure!

Prepare your wallets! Valve has released the Dragon's Hoard treasure in Dota 2 to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This treasure embodies the "spirit of giving", containing a ton of cosmetics and funny hats for players to grab. There are a total of 17 Lunar New Year-themed hero sets plus the first ever Ancient cosmetic in Dota 2!

Check out all the Dragon's Hoard treasures and bonus content below.

Dragon's Hoard Treasure: All sets, bonuses, features

  • Templar Assassin - Whisper at the Temple Gates
  • Jakiro - Herald of Frost and Flame
  • Mars - Vile Behemoth
  • Morphling - Reflection of the Surging Stream
  • Centaur Warrunner - Rout of the Emerald Marauder
  • Invoker - Master of the Mystic Phoenix
  • Medusa - Havoc of the Hydras Scorn
  • Monkey King - Victorious Fighting Scoundrel
  • Phoenix - Attunements of the Ornate

The Phoenix set not only rocks a cosmetic to its usual form, but also to its egg form!

  • Ogre Magi - Oni Magi
  • Puck - Vanishing Pearl
  • Brewmaster - Fortified Brew
  • Marci - Bloomjewel Brawler
  • Phantom Assassin - Song of the Shadow Dragon

Those are the common sets of the Dragon's Hoard treasure. Opening a treasure will guarantee you one of the common sets, but if you're lucky, you can also get an additional rare set alongside a common one! Check out the rare, very rare, and ultra rare sets below!

  • Crystal Maiden - Spirit of the Frozen Flow (RARE)
  • Abaddon - Dreadmist Dragoon (VERY RARE)
  • Primal Beast - Temple Guardian (ULTRA RARE)
  • Ancient - Ancient Dragon King (ULTRA RARE)

Lo and behold! The first ever Ancient cosmetic in Dota 2, the Ancient Dragon King, will bless your pubs in celebration of the Lunar New Year. This cosmetic lets the "loong" dragon, a legendary creature from the Chinese mythology, reside around your Ancient. Once equipped by a player, everyone in the match can see it.

Recycle sets to earn a free Dragon's Hoard treasure

If you happen to get a set you don't like, there is an option to recycle the set (unopened bundle) and progress toward a free Dragon's Hoard treasure! Recycle six sets from the Dragon's Hoard treasure and you'll get a free treasure! Note that you will not get duplicates until you get one of each.

And that's all for the Lunar New Year treasure. Stick around for more Dota 2 news and updates!