Ability Arena 2.0 update introduces three new game changing Gods to the Arena cover image

Ability Arena 2.0 update introduces three new game changing Gods to the Arena

The new update of Ability Arena is here! Join us as we dive into the 3 brand new gods of Ability Arena 2.0!

Sunsfan's creation has received its first huge patch, and has evolved to a new stage. Ability Arena is now in its 2.0 phase. And with the update, Ability Arena now has three new Gods with brand new mechanics, 22 new spells, reworks of old spells and more. The update is live right now, so all you need to do is update your game in the Arcade tab of Dota 2's main menu.

Ability Arena 2.0's new Gods

One of the main additions of the new patch of Ability Arena are the new Gods. The three new Gods are the Rune God, Rubick and the Chaos God and each brings a entirely new playstyle to Ability Arena 2.0. You can check out their full description on the Ability Arena Website. For now, lets dive into each of the new Gods of Ability Arena.

The Rune God

In short, the Rune God basically buffs a single target with different runes. And the type of rune depends on your shop level. The mechanic is similar to the base God Aghanim, that randomly upgrades your spells depending on what level shop you have. There are 4 tiers of runes, and each shop level grants more and more runes for the target. Yes, that means you can have multiple runes active on one hero. This mechanic activates on every battle. Meaning that the tides of Ability Arena can turn pretty quickly depending on what runes you have. So, first lets dive into each rune and what they offer.

  • Tier 1 Runes: Arcane & Double Damage - Both are pretty self explanatory, as they are the same in normal Dota
  • Tier 2 Runes: Bounty & Illusion - Bounty grants an extra three gold, while Illusion works just like its Dota counterpart
  • The Tier 3 Runes: Invisibility & Regeneration - Invisibility works more akin to a Shadowblade, where on attacking out of the invisibility, you gain an additional 50 damage. The regen rune restores mana rather than health when its depleted past 90%
  • Tier 4 Runes: Water & Haste - The water rune works just like the regen but for health. So at 90% health, the target receives a certain amount of health. While with the Haste rune, the target just moves at max move speed

With the large assortment of runes available, which runes are unlocked at which shop level? Well let me explain. With Shop level 1, there isn't any runes, your bottle is empty. Then at level 2, you get 1 tier 4 rune. Level 3 grants a both tier 3 and 4 runes. Then, shop level 4 grants tiers 2, 3 and 4 runes. Last but not least, and its a pretty easy guess, but shop level 5 grants 1 rune of each tier. The Rune God is unlocked at the final reward at level 40 of the battle pass.

Rubick, the spell stealing thief and his debut in Ability Arena

Ability Arena's Rubick is a lot more simple by comparison to the rune god. Simply, Rubick lets the targeted unit steal a spell. The stolen spell is then upgraded depending on the total amount of spell points that you have.

The upgradeability of the spell reaches all the way to level 9. So, there is potential for some crazy steals with Gaben or super level spells. The points per level are essentially at 11 spell point intervals, reaching to 88 at max level. Rubick is unlocked with PLUS this season or if the RNG Gods smile upon you, he can drop from chests.

The Chaos God

Last but certainly not least is the Chaos god. This God is the most surprising of the new additions in Ability Arena 2.0. The Chaos god is really unique, in that he is available only for the 2nd season of Ability Arena and won't make a comeback. At least this version of the Chaos God. The Chaos God is unlocked at level 20 of the battle pass. In terms of ability, the god has a passive that deals 50 damage per second to both allies and enemies. This damage isn't lethal, but the battle wide decay is definitely a unique mechanic to play around.

Tons of questions are popping up around the new Gods, but one stands out. How are the new Gods going to stack up against the already strong Gods of Ability Arena? What is next for Ability Arena? Is Sunsfan doing ok post TI? We'll just have to see and find out in the Arena. For more Dota 2 content, stick around on Esports.gg