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Dota 2 Ability Arena best Gods – Guide, Breakdown and Info

Having a hard time choosing which gods to play in Ability Arena? Well join us as we go through the best Gods in Ability Arena

Sunsfan's newest game has made quite the splash and has quickly become a hit among Dota players. Ability Arena combines both the Ability Draft game mode as well as the inanely popular arcade game of Auto Chess with a hint of Dota Underlords. In this guide, we are going to focus on the hint of Dota Underlords that is in Ability Arena, with a breakdown of the available Gods in the game.

What are Gods in Ability Arena?

Gods are essentially a character from the Valve Universe that provides an extra layer of gameplay with niche abilities. Currently, there are a total of 20 different Gods that are available in the game. 8 of which are free to all players, 1 of which is unlocked after the 7 day newcomer quest. The remaining 11 are unlocked through either God Chests or by reaching specific requirements.

The current roster of Gods in Ability Arena
The current roster of Gods in Ability Arena

God Chests cost 10,000 gold, which is earned by wining matches or by purchase. On the Ability Arena website, you can purchase gold in certain amounts. Starting at 1.99 USD for 3500 gold all the way to 200,000 gold for 79.99 USD. Although Gods aren't the only thing you can buy with gold as there are tons of different cosmetic items that are available.

The Free Gods of Ability Arena

Right now there are 8 Gods that are available to players when they first start up. The Gods are: Bloodseeker, The Boomer, Centaur, Dazzle, Kanna, Legion Commander, Ogre Magi, Pudge and Selemene. There is also Aghanim, which is unlocked after completing the newcomer questline, so we'll also include him in this group. Here is a quick breakdown of each god and what they do:

  • Bloodseeker: Targeted unit will gain attack speed and lifesteal for each ally that dies
  • The Boomer: ally heroes explode on death and deal damage and leave a debuff on the ground
  • Centaur: Grants 50 health per round and has 20% damage return to a specific hero
  • Dazzle: Casts Shallow Grave on the first ally below 30% HP and allows you to survive one lethal blow
  • Kanna: Grants attack speed per each ally summon to a specific hero
  • Legion Commander: The selected unit gains bonus attack damage that increases per round
  • Ogre Magi: Selected unit can multicast their spells
  • Pudge: Your God has a additional 60 starting health
  • Selemene: Ally Hero gain a small amount of spell amp per 1 mana used per round
  • Aghanim: Random chance to upgrade one of your random spells per round

So what with all these different options, what Gods should you pick up when you are playing Ability Arena? The best gods when you are starting out in Ability Arena are Ogre Magi, Aghanim and Centaur and here's why.

Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi has the ability to multicast spells which is huge. With regards to both ultimate abilities or basic spells, getting a multicast off can change fights in an instant. If you get an early level 3 shop with some big ultimate abilities, you can easily secure wins. Getting multicasts on these big ultimate abilities like Chain Frost, Chaotic Offering or even abilities like Paralyzing Cask or Plazma Field can deal huge damage. The only real downside is finding a big enough mana pool to support multicasting your spells.

Aghanim (yes, the one the Scepter is named after)

Although Aghanim doesn't technically count as a free god, he is unlocked after the newcomer quest. This is pretty easy to complete for such a strong god. This is because the ability to randomly upgrade one of your abilities at the end of each round is phenomenal. During all stages of the game, upgrading your abilities is a crucial and essential aspect of winning. So, to do so at no cost is why Aghanim is definitely worth the unlock.


Centaur is a underrated hero at first glance. The selected hero gains both additional HP but also a 20% damage return. That's the equivalent to a level 3 dispersion in Ability Arena. Slapping it on a strength hero that sits on the front line can put in work. On the leaderboards Centaur has the highest winrate out of all the other Gods.

Locked Gods

Outside of the free gods, there are also the remaining 11 gods that are locked when you first start playing Ability Arena. Each of them has unique abilities and we are going to highlight some of the most interesting gods there.

Rix, Oathbound

Rix is really unique and has 2 abilities. The first ability is a passive that revives a targeted hero after they die with 50% less health. The hero stays alive as long as there is another ally on the field. Then with the active, silences the hero but provides an additional damage boost. Although right click builds aren't the best in Ability Arena, with Rix there is some pretty unique potential with multiple lives.

J'muy the Wise

Another really unique God is J'muy the wise. This god has the ability to reduce cooldowns by 50% at max level. However, the cost is that cooldowns are not reset at the end of each round. So, this benefits a lot of the medium to short cooldown spells like Paralyzing Cask, Wild Axes or Nethertoxin. However with longer cooldowns which are typically the good ultimates like Chain Frost might suffer.

A full Breakdown of the Gods

For simplicity sake, here is a quick summary of each of the 20 different Gods that are in Ability Arena. So, you won't need to purchase each of them and find out for yourself:

  • J'muy: Reduces cooldowns but they don't reset at the end of the round
  • Bloodseeker: Grants attack speed and lifesteal to a unit when allies die
  • The Boomer: When allies die they explode dealing damage and leaving a debuff puddle
  • Centaur: Grants extra HP and return damage for a hero
  • Dazzle: Can Shallow grave one hero and prevents you from losing once
  • Kanna: Selected hero gains attack speed per ally summon
  • Legion Commander: Selected hero gains damage per round
  • Ogre Magi: A unit gets multicast
  • Selemene: Unit gets spell amp per mana spent
  • Aghanim: Chance to upgrade a random spell per round
  • Alchemist: grants extra gold, but after 3 round loses you lose 15% of your Gods HP
  • Donkey Aghanim: Shop upgrades are more expensive but heroes can use multiple ultimates
  • The Gambler: Allows you to bet gold on each round
  • Lady Anshu: When the selected hero dies, all allies revive with 15% HP
  • Lifestealer: Each time you win a round your god gains HP
  • Phantom Assasin: Selected hero gains critical hit chance and the chance increases per unit traveled
  • Rix Oathbound: Selected hero can revive multiple times as long as there is another ally alive. The hero is silenced and gains bonus damage
  • Shopkeeper: Shop items cost 2 gold only, but you can't upgrade past level 3 and you have a small selection
  • Sorla Khan: Deals more damage to gods per surviving ally
  • Tinker: Reduced cost on re-rolls for the shop

And those are all the available gods in Ability Arena. With the inclusion of the most recent Gods that incorporate other Valve titles, who knows what else is to come. For more Ability Arena and Dota 2 content, stick around on