Confused which heroes to pick in the latest update? Here are some of the most overpowered heroes in the new Dota 2 patch.

Valve surprised everyone with the 7.32 gameplay update with significant changes to several heroes as well as Items. The 7.32 update also has some changes to the map and a brand new creep that has never before been seen in Dota 2. Here are some of the biggest changes in the Dota 2 7.32 Gameplay update.

Flagbearer Creeps - What?

Yes, you read that right. There’s a new type of creep - the Flagbearerer creep. Simply put, the creep has a flag and spawns every few minutes. It’s a unique concept because Dota 2 has usually shied away from shared bounty except Key Objectives such as Roshan, Barracks and the more recent bounty runes. But the Flagbearing creeps spawn every couple of creepwaves. 

Heroes within 1200 range receive 100% of the creep’s gold bounty. It’s slightly more resilient than normal creeps with increased magic resistance and an inspiration aura - which gives health regen to all allies in a small radius. 

The addition of this creep makes clearing waves slightly more difficult and possibly also makes pushing towers easier. The inspiration aura is something that will give creeps a nice regen when they are pushing lanes by themselves. It is still too early to tell whether the creeps will change the professional meta but if you want to see how teams are adapting to the new update, check out ESL One Malaysia 2022 here.

Biggest Item Changes in 7.32

Which heroes have received the biggest update?

Taxi Ride!

There’s been quite a few changes to Dota 2 heroes in the latest patch update. A few of these changes are comical enough to bring forth a laugh, but they are still very powerful and can alter teamfights and course of the games.

Centaur Warrunner has received a new Aghanim’s upgrade. The new update makes him a cart-puller, literally. 

Grants new ability: Hitch a Ride. Centaur tosses an ally into a cart hitched behind him. While in the cart, the ally can still cast and attack normally, but cannot move independently or be targeted by opponents. Non-targeted effects can still affect the hitched ally. 

Optics aside, the Hitch a Ride ability seems pretty overpowered. Anyone in the cart cannot be targeted by opponents. Ofcourse, the AOE abilities and damage over time will still affect him but he won’t be on the receiving end of any targeted abilities and it’s basically a massive save for anyone.

Combined with Stampede, Centaur Warruner can be like a tanky support in the late game, a rarity in Dota 2.

Chen - The Hands of God

For the longest time, Chen has been popular as the hero that can save teammates on a global scale. The support hero and its army often enable the carries in the game. 

The 7.32 Dota 2 gameplay updates gives Chen’s persuaded creeps their own Hand of Gods. 

Grants Persuaded units new active ability Martyrdom. Creature sacrifices itself to perform a single-target Hand of God on any chosen Ally. Global Cast Range.

The creature will sacrifice itself and perform a one-unit Hand of God. With multiple creatures, Chen can make any allied hero extremely tanky with multiple hand of Gods. Ofcourse, the developers also balanced it somewhat by removing the additional three creeps from the previous Level 25 talent.

Doom the Area

What’s better than one Doom? Well, it’s more than One Doom. You still will need to build Refreshers for multiple dooms, but the new Aghanim’s Scepter allows Doom to cast an AOE doom. 

Crucial to the new change is the ability to self-cast Doom. Doom is usually a tanky utility hero and was mostly played only for its doom. Now Doom can self-cast Doom and run circles around the enemy. 

This new change will inadvertently change the way Doom builds items and the hero’s playstyle.

Primal beast 

Uproar releases 3 waves of 2 projectiles per stack which split in two after a 1.25s delay. Each projectile deals 100 damage to enemies and applies Break on them for 2.5 seconds.

Primal Beast’s abilities will bring back memories from the Aghanim’s Labryinth game mode a few months ago. This ability was one of the most frustrating abilities to play against and it will be interesting to see where this ability takes this hero in Captains Mode.

And oh yes, Primal Beast is also added in the Captains Mode. With The International coming up as the next big Dota 2 tournament, Primal Beast will play a crucial role in the teams’ abilities to bring something different.

7.32 is, after all, the TI Dota patch.

What about Items?

There's a bunch of new neutral items in the latest update. Valve constantly cycles through neutral items keeping the game fresh and interesting. Neutral items add another element to the game and players have to focus on customizing their playstyle to these items.

New Neutral Items

Seeds of Serenity

The seeds of serenity is like a healing ward, albeit much less healing. It lasts for 14 seconds and provides an additional +8 Heal per second. It's a good tier 1 item, but you would want to upgrade to another neutral as soon as possible. The Seeds of Serenity also provides you with an additional 100 HP which could be more useful than the AOE HP regen.

Lance of Pursuit

Don't run away! The Lance of Pursuit makes it all the more difficult to run away from the enemy hero. This item grants additional 15 damage and also provides slow (12% for melee and 6% for ranged)

Occult Bracelet

Rites of Eloshar. Each time the wearer is attacked, they gain a stack of 0.5 Mana Regen, up to 5 stacks. Stacks last for 10 seconds.

Specialist's Array

Specialist's Array feels like Clinkz but the +8 stats and +10 damage are very good passive stats with this neutral item.

Dagger of Ristul

Consumes 100 Health to temporarily gain 40 attack damage. It's a great item to get those last few hits on an escaping enemy.

Ogre Seal Totem

Ogre Seal Flop. Flop forward like an Ogre Seal 2 times, dealing 150 damage and slowing enemies in a 225 radius by 100% for 1s on each bounce. Bounce distance: 400. Manacost 75. Cooldown: 40s. Destroys tree

One of the best new neutral items introduced in this patch, the Ogre Seal Totem allows users to go ahead, very similar to an Ogre Sea. It does a decent damage and also slows the enemy. Some of the new items introduced in Dota 7.32 patch allow users to catch up to the enemy.

You can check out the rest of the Hero changes here