Vitality end the year with a top 3 finish at BLAST Premier World Finals.

The Vitality CS: GO roster just played its last match with its current roster. They couldn’t make it to the Grand finals of the BLAST Premier World finals, but it has been a fantastic year for the French roster. Natus Vincere defeated Vitality 2-0 to book a rematch with Gambit.

Featuring some of the best players from the French scene, Vitality has had a consistent performance throughout 2021. They didn’t really challenge Natus Vincere, but being so consistent throughout the year is no mean feat. Unfortunately for the Vitality CS: GO roster, their final match saw them bow out in 3rd place at the BLAST Premier World Finals.

Vitality’s in-game leader, ApeX was extremely emotional after the match. He could barely put his emotions into words after Vitality played their final match.

It's been three years working together with this team, and personally it's something special.

NAVI 2-0 Vitality to secure Grand Finals slot

The last hurrah for Vitality's CS: GO roster. Image Credit: BLAST.
The last hurrah for Vitality's CS: GO roster. Image Credit: BLAST.

The first map of Nuke has been Navi’s stronghold for most of this year. It was always going to be an uphill battle for the French players, but they still put up quite a challenge. 

Vitality had a good start, but the first half still ended with a relatively even 8-7 score. Navi had a strong CT start and Vitality had to struggle for rounds towards the second half. Ultimately, Navi’s aggression and consistent read of the Vitality playbook allowed the CIS squad to stay ahead. 

The second map was a washout. Navi had 10 rounds on the CT side of Dust 2 and they topped it off with a perfect T-side. It was a very disappointing finish for the Vitality squad especially after they put up a strong fight on Nuke. 

Natus Vincere faced a surprise loss to Team Liquid earlier in the tournament. However, they have battled it through the lower bracket and moved all the way to the grand finals. As they face Gambit esports, a team that has sailed past tough opponents in the upper bracket, all eyes will be on whether the PGL Stockholm Major winners can take the final tournament of the year. 

The BLAST Premier World finals is a million dollar tournament, the final event of the year. This event has several teams that are ready to make roster changes and the next few days should see some changes in the top teams’ rosters. 

Despite featuring an incredible mix of veterans and new players, Vitality held strong for much of the year. Zywoo has been a standout player for the squad, but unfortunately, it was not enough for Vitality to become No. 1. For now it's curtains down on the Vitality CS: GO roster as we head into the new season.

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Featured Image Credit: Vitality twitter.