Counter-Strike 2 is allegedly coming to Source 2, bringing some big changes. This includes the return of some surprising maps.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are having a very confusing last few weeks. Many leaks have pointed to a new version of CSGO on Source 2 while some trusted sources have also claimed it's entirely a hoax. To make matters more confusing, a new leak is claiming there are some maps ready for CS 2.

Right now, trusted leakers are claiming there are seven Counter-Strike maps already playable when Counter-Strike comes to Source 2 later this month. Based on "espionage" and various hints within the game's files, leakers like Gabe Follower have found that the following maps are coming to Counter-Strike 2.

All possibly confirmed maps in Counter-Strike on Source 2

There are currently seven Counter-Strike maps that are ready to play on once Valve puts CSGO onto Source 2. These are maps that have been found in files by leakers since 2022.

Competitive maps in CS2:

  • Overpass
  • Inferno
  • Cobblestone

Casual maps in CS2:

  • Short Dust
  • Lake
  • Shoots
  • Italy

All of these map names have been found in game files over the past few months. Within the files, the maps were seen with "s2" in the name, which the community has assumed means Source 2.

These maps span a range of game modes, including Danger Zone, Wingman, and Arms Race. The maps will be a blend of "full-fledged remakes" and maps that are "directly ported" from the current engine, according to Gabe Follower.

These are not confirmed to be the only maps, however. These are just the ones that have been mentioned.

Trusted reports have claimed that Counter-Strike 2, or CSGO on Source 2, will be coming as soon as this month. A beta is said to be coming in March of 2023. Some pros and content creators have allegedly already flown out to try out the beta, with some even claiming that it was underwhelming.

The new update will bring signficant upgrades to the Counter-Strike 2 maps with better lighting and responsive smokes.

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