Counter-Strike 2 is becoming more and more of a possibility. But some pros are not getting behind the hype.

Rumors surrounding a possible new Counter-Strike game have grown stronger and stronger as leaks and files continue to be discussed. But now, CSGO pro Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyljev is warning the community to not get their hopes up.

Reporter Richard Lewis recently confirmed that CSGO is getting a big update. It may not be Counter-Strike 2, but instead will be CSGO on Source 2, which comes with a lot of extensive and much-needed upgrades. This includes CS2 having a 128 tick server at launch and an improved matchmaking system.

The most recent reports also revealed that a beta was coming as soon as this month.

While these are all rumors right now, the continued leaks keep adding up and making it seem quite likely that some type of huge update is coming, whether it's a new Counter-Strike or a move to Source 2. But now, s1mple is making some gamers a bit skeptical.

s1mple reacts to Counter-Strike 2 rumors

It's been said that a lot of pros and content creators have been flown out to Valve's headquarters in Seattle to test the new Counter-Strike game. FaZe Clan pros Finn "karrigan" Andersen Karrigan and Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken recently talked about the testing, saying that the game is "overhyped."

But not all pros are feeding into the anticipation.

The CSGO community recently asked s1mple his thoughts on Counter-Strike 2 and he responded on Instagram with a negative reaction.

A translation of his response reads: "There is no such thing as Source 2 (yet), and the developers have not given anyone a beta. It was all a brank by professional gamers and streamers."

This shocked a lot of CSGO players, who had been anxiously awaiting the Source 2 update ever since the rumors started swirling more heavily. But s1mple is a very trusted pro player who is well-respected by the community, so his update has left many doubting the existence of Counter-Strike 2.

Right now, it seems like the hype is fading away thanks to some skeptical pros. But an update to CSGO is always welcome, especially if it's getting big upgrades to existing bugs and online gameplay.