Ready to play Counter-Strike 2 on Source 2? Sources now say that a beta is coming as soon as this month. But what does that mean for CSGO?

A new Counter-Strike game has been rumored for a while, and now sources are confirming that a Counter-Strike 2 beta is coming very soon.

Recently, the new NVIDIA driver update revealed some files called "csgo2." Trusted leakers started discussing the possibility of Counter-Strike 2 finally being worked on after years of speculations. Now, sources have told reporter Richard Lewis that a new version of Counter-Strike is coming earlier than expected.

When is Counter-Strike 2 coming?

Counter-Strike 2 went from a rumor to a possibility a lot sooner than Counter-Strike fans predicted. There's been years of rumors about a new version of CSGO, but there was nothing solid until the driver update files. Now, sources are saying that a beta is on its way.

According to Lewis' sources, Counter-Strike 2 will have a beta for gamers to try as early as this month, March 2023. In fact, the sources added that Counter-Strike 2 is "ready to go."

Will Counter-Strike 2 be an improvement on CSGO?

Counter-Strike 2 will be on Source 2, as rumors originally implied. The sources stated that this game is a "priority" at Valve, with developers allegedly saying that they want to polish the game, fix any bugs, and "bring it up to the level people expect from CS." This includes CS2 having a 128 tick server at launch and an improved matchmaking system.

According to the leaks, some pro players have already started testing the game at Valve's headquarters. But it's unclear right now how CS2 will reach the high-level of competitiveness that CSGO has reached and not disrupt the skin economy. One Valve insider also added that Counter-Strike 2 will actually just be CSGO on Source 2.

Keep checking in to for the latest on the possibly incoming Counter-Strike 2 beta.

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