SuNny and flusha’s plans to create a new international CS:GO Roster are a reality. Who else is a part of the team? All the details after the jump.

SuNny and Flusha will team up to create a new international CS:GO roster and are nearing an agreement with an organization.

Originally a core trio, alongside former Cloud9 and GenG star Autimatic, the duo of suNny and flusha will see their international CS:GO lineup come to life.

<em>Autimatic recently switched to Valorant and joined T1. Photo via T1 Twitter.</em>
Autimatic recently switched to Valorant and joined T1. Photo via T1 Twitter.

The new International CS:GO lineup is one that has been planned since early 2021. However, a lack of interest in the team resulted in the project being put on hold. As a result, the original trio became a duo once Autimatic transitioned from CS:GO to Valorant to play for T1. The T1 Player is currently playing alongside former teammate Skadoodle in the Riot Games FPS.

While losing a core member, suNny and flusha are rebounding from a standstill and are moving forward with a strong quartet.

The two European stars announced on twitter that they now have a lineup of four players and one on trial as its current fifth.

What The New Flusha and suNny Lineup Looks Like?

The following players part of the new International CS:GO Roster are as follows:

  • Robin “flusha” Ronnquist.
  • Miikka “suNny” Kemppo.
  • Jere “sergej” Salo.
  • Rokas “EspiranTo” Milasauskas.
  • Bugra “Calyx” Arkin (Trial).

Flusha and suNny are teaming up with a slew of young European talent as their base. The new team will reunite suNny with former Ence teammate sergej, who has been on the Ence bench. The group will also add former C0ntact and Cr4zy player Espiranto to their solidified quarter moving forward.

<em>suNny when he was apart of the Ence roster alongside sergej.</em>
suNny when he was apart of the Ence roster alongside sergej.

While the team does not have a solid fifth yet, Turkish player Calyx will be on trial as the fifth member. Depending on his performance, this group of five could be the solidified lineup for their future organization.

Possible issues with the lineup

This new International CS:GO Roster is filled with a mix of young talent and veteran leadership. The main problem with this lineup revolves around team synergy and dynamics. While suNny is experienced as an In-Game Leader, his strengths are best suited as an entry fragger. 

Flusha is known as one of the smartest players and might slot into the team in a hybrid IGL/Lurker role. Still even with their In-Game Leader role sorted out, there is no solid AWPer on the team. 

In the original lineup with Autimatic, it was likely the North American player would’ve assumed the role. On this lineup, it is a bit unclear as to who will fill that spot.

International CS:GO roster is very talented

Still, even with its questions, this team is very talented. It is also well mixed with people who have CS:GO Major experience and proven young players. Star power on it’s own should be able to bring this team into the HLTV Top 30 Rankings, but good synergy is a must to progress further.

Nonetheless, this new International CS:GO Roster will be highly anticipated. All of these players have taken some considerable time off from the limelight, so this team will be one to watch.

What do you guys think of this new International CS:GO Roster? Is it really good? Really questionable? Let us know!
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