The players can still compete under neutral names and jerseys.

PGL today announced its decision to ban the two Russian orgs from the upcoming PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major. This means Gambit and will be unable to attend the Major.

As things stand, we will ban and Gambit Esports from participating in the RMR and the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major. We will, however, allow the players currently associated with and Gambit Esport to play under neutral names and jerseys, as we recognize that the players are not complicit in the situation.

The decision comes after a similar one by ESL who banned the orgs from the ongoing ESL Pro League but allowed the players.

The ongoing Russian invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine has caused immense human suffering and pain. We are all hoping for a peaceful resolution to the war and the minimization of further casualties and tragedy.

PGL bans Virtus.Pro and Gambit from Antwerp CS: GO Major
The former Gambit players compete under the ‘Players’ tag in ESL Pro League Group C. Image Credit: ESL.

Gambit’s players competed in the event as Players and reached the quarterfinals of the event, before losing to FaZe Clan. The former Virtus.Pro players competed as Outsiders, however, were unable to make it out of Group B.

Gambit and Virtus.Pro can’t participate in the Antwerp Major RMR events

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been going on for nearly 45 days now. The Putin-led government has caused untold devastation in Ukraine. The United Nations Human Rights Council recently banned Russia from the organizations for his invasion and war crimes which caused a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the war. We will monitor the situation as it progresses and will be transparent to both the public and participants of our tournaments if further actions are needed.


The European RMR event kicks off on April 17. It is the final opportunity for teams to qualify for the upcoming Antwerp Major.

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