All the information you need from the IEM Rio Major playoffs. This article is regularly updated with the latest scores.

The IEM Rio Major in Brazil has seen thousands of fans gather for the group stage matches. As the world’s best teams marveled at the Brazilian passion and enthusiasm for the game, they were also competing for the final eight slots. The IEM Rio Major playoffs will now determine the CS: GO Major winner – only one will survive. This article is updated regularly with the latest map-wise score.

IEM Rio Major Champions Stage Live score

Quarterfinals [MOUZ, Outsiders, FURIA and Heroic move ahead]

DatePTCESTEDTTeam ATeam BMap 1Map 2Map 3Final Score
Nov 10090018001200Cloud9MOUZ16-11 (Inferno) 13-16(Overpass)9-16(Ancient) 1-2
Nov 10123021301530OutsidersFnatic16-11 (Inferno)16-8 (Mirage)Overpass2-0
Nov 11090018001200FURIANAVINuke (14-16)16-10 (Ancient)10-16 (Mirage)2-1
Nov 11123021301530HeroicSpirit 16-8 Vertigo16-14 (Overpass)Nuke2-0
Teams in red are eliminated


DatePTCESTEDTTeam ATeam BMap 1Map 2Map 3Final Score
Nov 12090018001200OutsidersMOUZ16-1014-1616-72-1
Nov 12123021301530HeroicFURIA 6-1619-1716-51-2
Teams in red are eliminated

Grand Finals 🔴

PTCESTCESTTeam ATeam BMirageOverpassInfernoFinal Score
Teams in red are eliminated

IEM Rio Major playoffs format

With only eight teams remaining, the IEM Rio Major is now in its final few matches. All eight teams start off in the quarter finals. All matches are best-of-three series and the playoffs feature a single elimination bracket.

  • Single elimination
  • All matches are best-of-three series.

How do teams veto maps at the Major?

The higher-seeded team can decide if they want to be Team A or Team B.

  • Team A removes a map
  • Then team B removes a map
  • Team A picks a map
    • and Team B chooses the starting side
  • Team B picks a map
    • then team A chooses the starting side
  • Team B removes a map
  • Team A removes a map
  • The remaining map is the decider
    • Team B chooses the starting side

Where to watch IEM Rio Major matches?

The IEM Rio Major matches are broadcast live on Twitch. You can catch the matches on time or tune in an hour earlier to catch the pre-broadcast show. CS: GO viewers can also try to enjoy the GauLes fan fest and the iEM Rio Major showcase match.

Which are the remaining teams at the IEM Rio Major playoffs?

There are eight remaining teams at the IEM Rio Major playoffs. The 3-0 teams (Cloud9 and FURIA) are the higher seeded teams. Being the higher seeded teams, these two teams will not meet each other until the Grand Finals (if they win all their matches).

The eight teams at IEM Rio Major Champions Stage. The final team is the winner of Team Liquid / Team Spirit. Screengrab via ESL.

The eight teams for the IEM Rio Major playoffs are as follows:

  • Cloud9 (3-0)
  • FURIA (3-0)
  • Heroic (3-1)
  • Outsiders (3-1)
  • Fnatic (3-1)
  • Natus Vincere (3-2)
  • MOUZ (3-2)
  • Spirit (3-2)

IEM Rio Major Prize money distribution

PlaceTeamPrize Money
4FURIA esports$80,000
5Natus Vincere$45,000
6Team Spirit$45,000
9Team Liquid$20,000
13Team Vitality$20,000
14Bad News Eagles$20,000
15Ninjas in Pyjamas$20,000
16FaZe Clan$20,000
17Team GamerLegion$10,000
199z Team$10,000
20Grayhound Gaming$10,000
21Evil Geniuses$10,000
22IHC Esports$10,000
24Imperial Esports$10,000

The winners of the IEM Rio Major will receive an invite to the BLAST Premier World Finals 2022 as well as IEM Katowice 2023.

Stay tuned for the latest esports news and updates.

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