Here are the top eight teams at IEM Rio Major!

The IEM Rio Major started off with 24 teams in the Challengers stage. Even as the world watched the best players in action in front of thousands of CS: GO fans, teams were eliminated. After the legends stage only eight teams remain. Here are your IEM Rio Major Champions stage teams.

The team seedings for the IEM Rio Major Champions stage teams are determined via the Bucholz system.

IEM Rio Major Champions stage bracket

The IEM Rio Major Playoffs bracket is made with the Bucholz system. A team’s past performances determines its playoffs seeding.

Cloud9 and local team FURIA made it out of the Legends stage with a 3-0 score. These two teams receive the highest seeding in the IEM Rio Major Playoffs bracket. As such Cloud9 and FURIA will not face each other until the Grand Finals, that is if they win every other match till then.

The quarter finals matches so far are as follows:

First Bracket

  • FURIA vs. NAVI
  • Outsiders vs. Fnatic

Second Bracket

  • Cloud9 vs. MOUZ
  • Heroic vs. Team Spirit

IEM Rio Major features the best CS: GO teams from across the world. The Major has a prize pool of $1,250,000, the second-highest prize pool in CS: GO history.

It is also a rare opportunity for CS: GO fans to witness their favorite teams live from the venue in the group stage itself. So far, during the Challengers and the Legends stage, thousands of CS: GO fans have gathered to cheer for their favorite teams.

What’s next at IEM Rio Major?

With the Challengers and Legends stage concluding, the best teams still remain. However, besides the IEM Rio Major playoffs matches, CS: GO fans can also expect to visit GauLes fan fest. The fan-fest will see thousands in attendance with exclusive signing sessions and met and greets. 

There is also a showmatch that will see a Brazilian roster take on the legendary former NiP squad. The Brazilian team vs Swedish team showmatch will see multiple legends of the game put on a show at the Jeunesse Arena. 

Stay tuned for the latest esports news and updates.

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