Details of Sadokist’s removal from IEM Rio Major reveal a broken TV and verbal argument at the players’ hotel cover image

Details of Sadokist’s removal from IEM Rio Major reveal a broken TV and verbal argument at the players’ hotel

Emergency services had to be called in.

Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett has been removed from the IEM Rio CS: GO Major talent lineup. This decision follows a drunk altercation at the player hotel after the matches yesterday.

Update November 8:
More details about the incident have emerged. Sadokist reportedly got into a verbal arguement with people filming promotional material for GauLes and FURIA at the players' hotel. Sadokist was reportedly upset GauLes and his team were present in the 'English talent' room. Sources indicate Sadokist threw a frisbee at the Brazilians and it hit. There was a scuffle and Sadokist even smashed a TV prompting response from the ESL staff.

VP Product Development at ESL, Michal "Carmac" Blicharz met with Sadokist to try to calm him down. But despite best efforts he did not calm down and later the police arrived at the hotel. The incident happened in the evening.

Sadokist's absence from the tournament broadcast on the first day of the Legends stage was not unnoticed by CS: GO fans. A report sheds some light on the caster's situation at the IEM Rio Major. Yesterday, Anders Blume filled in for most of Sadokist's slots along with Jason "moses" O'Toole at the Major. ESL has confirmed the incident in a statement.

We can confirm that an incident took place last night involving Sadokist. As a result of this, Anders has stepped in to commentate for the remainder of the tournament. We have no further comments and would like the focus to remain on the competition

ESL to on Sadokist's situation at the CS: GO Major.

According to the report, Sadokist was involved in an incident which had him intoxicated and in an inebriated state. 

The incident happened in the after hours (local time) at the players hotel. The altercation required the intervention of emergency services, highlighting the seriousness of the issue.

Nov 6 Update: An ESL representative has confirmed no players were involved in the altercation.

The IEM Rio Major is currently underway with the world’s best CS: GO teams in action. The Challengers stage came to an end with half the teams eliminated in the first stage itself.

Day 1 of the Legends stage saw quite a few records. Krimz became the sixth player to play over a 100 matches in CS: GO Majors. The IEM Rio Major also broke a million concurrent viewers, a feat not achieved in any of the previous Majors’ Legends stage.

Not the first Sadokist incident

This is not Sadokist’s first tryst with controversy. Several years ago, Sadokist had an incident while streaming where he used the N-word multiple times in front of thousands of viewers. Again, the caster was drunk during that stream. He later apologized for his behavior..

Another incident, details of which are vague happened during a LAN in Canada. In that incident as well, Sadokist was drunk and got into a phsyical altercation at the event. These incidents point to a track record, which does not bode well for future gigs for the 33-year-old esports shoutcaster.

"There is another incident people seem to forget a out or didn't see that happened at a Lan in Canada," said Megaman on Reddit. "It was posted on the esea forums. Apparently he said some fucked up shit to the guy running the Lan (phx) and got knocked the fuck out for it. Apparently they made up afterwords and squashed whatever beef they had. But yea, this is a track record. He has problems."

The IEM Rio Major is the first CS: GO Major in Brazil and has the second-highest prize pool of all Majors. The tournament also broke the norm with a live audience for the group stage and so far the attendance has not disappointed. With thousands of fans gathering at the venue to cheer their favorite teams and to provide the morale boost for Brazilian rosters, sights from the Major have been breathtaking.

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