The Danish team is now one series win away from a Fall Finals qualification. Refrezh and TeSeS had Aces to their name as Heroic pulled through against Digintas.

The first match of the Round of 8 at the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown saw Dignitas take on Heroic in a Bo3. The winner would advance further while the loser faced elimination. Both maps were very close but Heroic had just what it takes to win the series. 

Nuke Goes to Overtime, but Heroic pull Ahead

Dignitas started its map pick of Nuke with wins on the first three rounds. However, once they got superior weapons, Heroic was able to pull the game back in their favor. 

On the 5th round, Ismail "refrezh" Ali got an ace despite Dignitas having a full-buy. It catapulted Heroic’s economy into a position of strength, but it was not easy tidings for the Danish roster.

The first half ended with a relatively even 7-8 score. Either team could pull ahead in the second half. And neither did. After Heroic started the second half with five straight round wins, F0rest’s impeccable performance pulled the game back in Dignitas’ favor. There was very little separating the two teams as the score ended with a 15-15 at the end of regulation time. 

Overtime was a different matter. Dignitas managed to win one round, but the Danes were simply too good. F0rest and Hallzerk had a great performance on Nuke. The veteran Swedish player had a 1.22 rating while Hallzerk had a 1.20 rating. 

Close but no Cigar on Overpass; Heroic secures the W

Dignitas were determined to win the series and had a very strong start to Overpass. With an 8-2 lead, it seemed Dignitas might be on track to force a Game 3. But a few clutch rounds by Heroic towards the end of the first half gave the Danish squad just enough rounds.

There was yet another ace for Heroic in the second map, this time it was René "TeSeS" Madsen. After winning a few rounds in the second half, Dignitas had no answer for the infamous Danish CT side. Heroic won seven rounds in a row to secure the map and series.

Despite not having a coach, the Heroic players have been in excellent form recently. The team defeated POGGERZ 2-0 in the Ro16 while Dignitas had a similar score against Fiend.

Heroic one Step Closer to Fall Finals

The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown uses a Bo3 single-elimination format. With this loss, Dignitas are now out of the tournament while Heroic advances to the round of 4. Heroic will face the winner of OG and Complexity in the next series.

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