Pressure mounts on the Heroic players.

The Esports Integrity Commission has opened an investigation into the role of the Heroic players in the coaching bug scandal. This follows Hunden presenting evidence of players’ involvement to ESIC as well as a Danish outlet a few days earlier.

Hunden implicated former Heroic teammates with proof showing they were aware of the coaching bug abuse. The former coach claimed some players, if not all, knew about the bug abuse and some even helped him on the server. The evidence included server logs and a conversation between him and a player about the bug.

ESIC opens formal investigation after Hunden’s evidence

ESIC has added a new matter to its Public Investigations Registry. Screenshot via

ESIC has now opened an investigation into the Heroic players’ role in abusing the coaching bug. The esports watchdog has updated its open investigations register as part of its Transparency Initiative. ESIC launched the Transparency initiative last month to provide regular updates on its ongoing public investigations. The Investigations registry details all current ongoing investigations that are publicly disclosable. The registry will also disclose the status of those investigations wherever possible.

On 6 September 2021, Mr. Petersen sent ESIC information which he alleges provides evidence that the players who were playing for Heroic at the time of Mr. Petersen’s exploitation of the spectator bug were complicit in his exploits. Despite the fact that this allegation is contrary to previous public statements Mr. Petersen has made, ESIC has opened a formal investigation into the matter.

The ‘Alleged Complicity of Heroic players in Historic Coaching Bug Scandal’ matter was opened on September 6, 2021. ESIC is examining the information presented before it and will provide further updates soon.

Hunden was one of the big names in ESIC’s sanction of 37 coaches last year. The former Heroic coach was found guilty of abusing a visual bug in the game. The bug allowed coaches to get an unrestricted vision of a particular area on the map. Coaches could see enemy players’ positions and movement, which had a huge strategic impact on the game. More recently, Hunden also received a 2-year ban for violating ESIC’s Code of Conduct by leaking sensitive strategic information to opponents.

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