Astralis are out of Flashpoint 3 after losing 0-2 to Heroic. The score does not highlight the competitive nature of the series that saw some incredible plays by the Danish players.

The lower bracket of Flashpoint Season 3 features some exciting matches and we had one today between Astralis and Heroic. The series between the two top-five teams lived up to its name with some top tier Counter-Strike and exciting aggressive plays.

Heroic pull ahead on Nuke with an amazing CadiaN 4k

Heroic picked Nuke as the first map of the series; this was no surprise as Dust 2 and Nuke are the best maps for the team. The team started Nuke strong after a few T-side wins to take the score to 5-2. But once Astralis balanced its CT-side economy, the team strung together multiple round victories. Astralis' strong CT side defense paved the way for a 9-6 lead at the end of the half. But in true Danish fashion, Heroic's CT defense was even better. The Casper "cadiaN" Møller-led team won nine rounds straight in the second half to secure the map.

The map ended with a dominant showing by Cadian who scored four kills on the final round of the map. Heroic took a 1-0 lead in the series to move on to Astralis' pick of Overpass.

Heroic win Overpass 16-14 to eliminate Astralis from Flashpoint

Overpass was extremely competitive as both teams continued to trade rounds through the latter half of the map. A beautiful 1v2 by René "TeSeS" Madsen set the pace of the map as he seamlessly transitioned between the two remaining Astralis players. The two teams would constantly change their game to surprise the opponent. It resulted in some exciting plays for the average viewer, but the match outcome was always up for grabs.

Heroic started the map strong with a 7-1 lead and ultimately finishing the half with a 10-5 score. However, once the two teams switched sides, Astralis' CT defense was just as strong. The teams had a few close calls such as the one by Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth where he calmly goes to fetch the kit and finish the defuse with milliseconds to spare.

Ultimately, Heroic took down Astralis 16-14 on Overpass to end the series with a 2-0 score. Heroic advances ahead in the lower bracket after eliminating Astralis from the Flashpoint Season 3 title contention.

Flashpoint Season 3 is a Valve-sponsored Regional Major Ranking event with a $50,000 prize pool. The tournament features some fo the best European CS: GO teams in action with prize money and RMR points on the table. The PGL Stockholm Major will take place later in the year with an increased prize pool of $2 million. According to reports, Valve has also invited bids for the 2022-23 CS: GO Majors.

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Featured Image Credit: Heroic.